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GDT: 4/3/21 Rangers @ Sabres. 7:00 pm est. MSG, WGR550

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3 minutes ago, bob_sauve28 said:

This system is so much better than what Krueger ger was doing 

It helps when guys without the puck aren't just spectators.

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Just turned on the game.  Casey had a nice goal; need to get caught up:



6 minutes ago, MODO Hockey said:

FU RALPH! just wanted that out there, 


anyway, tobias is so good. imagine if we had a good coach

They need to hang onto him.

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8 minutes ago, Huckleberry said:

Casey sure is making the most of this shot.

I said it in the last GDT:  Mitts and Tage are legit middle-6 forwards under Granato.

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My Roku feed kept fading out and then I remembered I have an HDMI cable connection from the computer so now I'm watching via computer (but still on the TV).

napoleon dynamite technology GIF

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