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Taylor Hall sitting -- possible trade incoming

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26 minutes ago, Scottysabres said:

I am literally sitting here in awe that only Staal and Montour have been moved so far. Not a peep on any other potential deals. 

There's only Hall and maybe Ullmark and they were trying to sign Ullmark so that'll be last minute if at all. Don't kid yourself, there's no interest in much of the rest unless we were looking to make a hockey trade with a Risto or a Reinhart and that's more likely to be off season if at all. 

I do fear they've waited too long on Hall though and the price will drop. 

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5 hours ago, Curt said:

Delete that number.

It’s a good number.  It almost happened but teams just want to fleece us.  

5 hours ago, GASabresIUFAN said:


Watch Boston flip Hall for a 1st tomorrow.

Why the heck did we have to throw Lazar in????   

I am dissatisfied with this.  No first rounder?  

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6 hours ago, MODO Hockey said:

Can we please close this thread now

Report the topic, don’t just make a post. 

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