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Official Jason Karmanos Hired as Sabres Associate GM

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2 minutes ago, Taro T said:

Well, considering all the hand wringing about them having an internal $72MM cap turned out to be totally unfounded, there is that.  😉

So liquidity shouldn’t have been an issue and like you said the unfounded 72m thing, I get the idea they cut so much spending because they thought it was unnecessary, rather than it being an issue of feasibility. 

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1 hour ago, LGR4GM said:

Wonder if Karmanos couldn't be brought in until they cleared roughly 1 million bucks from trading Hall (prorating his remaining money). 

I don’t see how this makes sense.  We aren’t talking about someone making huge money by NHL personnel standards.  This guy almost certainly makes less than the lowest paid player on the NHL roster.

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5 minutes ago, spndnchz said:

NHL personnel doesn’t go towards the cap. 

Right, which is why his question only makes sense from a liquidity perspective and that doesn't seem relevant anymore (if it even ever was truly relevant) for reasons given upthread.

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