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OT - Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story

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1 hour ago, Kruppstahl said:

No one put a gun to their heads! 

They did it because they wanted to, and most of them were fine with it.

A few guys who had that role were not suited to it by nature, and it looks its toll on their lives.  They are the ones who give a bad name to the entire situation.

I greatly miss fighting in the game and wish we could go back to the '80s or '90s tomorrow.

NHL hockey is extremely boring now.  Not solely b/c of a lack of fighting; it's a lack of overall competitiveness and intensity. It's totally gone from regular season hockey now.

They still amp it up like in the old days for the playoffs, though, thank God.



Do you watch other games besides the Sabres? I have watched some really good games this year. They had fights, big hits, lots of scoring, and good competition. Unfortunately, none of them were Sabres games.

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22 hours ago, Andrew Amerk said:

Yeah, but Mario has circled back around more than once to support Stevens and give him opportunities with the Pens. Very classy of Lemieux. 

He isn't "Super Mario" for nothing! God bless him!

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14 hours ago, Weave said:

No different than the vast majority of employers, really.

That's the truth. Where I worked, they have the "Employee Assistance Program" (EAP) but basically, they taught you to cope, or tried to teach you to cope with whatever the employer threw at you. The rest was up to you!

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