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2021 NHL Draft Rankings

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“Pietrangelo higher hockey IQ than Hughes at that age IMO. Othman vs Raty was as easy as it gets for us. Raty is not even on several NHL scouts lists anymore. It starts with his skating and goes on from there. He has not progressed as a player and we (and it seems many NHL team scouts) are done ranking him based on what we/they saw 3 years ago. “

Quote from Mark Edwards, head of hockeyprospect.com.  He also said a lot of scouts think this is one of the worst draft in years.  No studs at the top and everyone after the 10th pick is a question mark.

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7 minutes ago, bob_sauve28 said:

Trade down a few spots, pick up additional picks and draft a goalie? 



Just throwing this out there for fun, but we do need a goalie....or two 

Don't draft goalies in the first round. 2nd round though... 

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22 hours ago, LGR4GM said:

Speaking of Boston's 2nd round pick... I have a target in mind for it. Of course we might need to take him with our 2nd round pick.


Sebastian Cossa, WHL Goalie. 

Speaking of goalies not named Wallstedt

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