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Sabres Sign Victor Olofsson to a 2 year 3.05 Million AAV Deal

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5 minutes ago, JohnC said:


You have given a lot of material to digest. I'll address only two of them. With respect to Hall I'm not sure the organization believed that it was in the running for him. Hall made it well known that he wanted to go to a competitive team. Colorado was on his radar but they didn't offer enough money to entice him to go there. The Sabres offered more money on a one year deal than anyone else and the one year deal allowed him to maintain his UFA status after the year. And another selling point is that he had a relationship with Krueger which sealed the deal. The combination of money and Krueger worked in our favor. I'm not sure that Adams/Krueger expected to end up with Hall but as you noted they seemed to have fallback positions to address bringing in a top two line winger. They ended up with a premier top first line player. 

I believe that the organization was considering goalie upgrades with the expectation that Ullmark was going to be the starter. It just hasn't worked out for money and asset exchange reasons. I don't know how this issue is going to be addressed but I'm starting to think that when the season starts Ullmark/Hutton will be our tandem when training camp starts. As I said before we just have to wait and see. 

It is absolutely within the realm of possibilities that they enter this season w/ Ullmark & Hutton.

But it's August 10th right now & the season is about 2 months away.  The Sabres have expendable assets to make a trade happen & now know just how much space they have available if necessary to help make that trade happen.  (And when I say trade, it very well could be a pair or a series of deals.  Not going to get hung up on the semantics of that & it makes for a lot of extra typing.  This likely will be my last time making that clarification.  (Note, that caveat wasn't necessarily directed towards you.) 😉 )

Believe they have at least 2 trade partners they're targeting and expect the fallback position is they scoop up the #3 goalie of somebody when rosters need to be set & the cap complied with.  Maybe the Yotes would rather get value for Keumper rather than have their 3rd guy poached.

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I put this SS diversion down for awhile what with the state of the team, covid and the country although still a lurker reading off and on.

With this last move my self imposed exile is now over.

Sans the Goalie debate it feels like the first time in a long time we actually have a hockey team we can feel positive and talk about.

Given the initial reaction to the KA replacement mine included who knew.

 Actually looking forward to this coming hockey season. 

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