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Marvin, Sabres Fan

Perceived Use and Misuse of Analytics by the Sabres

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For reference:

There are statistics that teams can keep and people measure which may or may not be useful.  I have no problem with someone having their own numbers to track that s/he thinks are useful.  However, the most common advanced stats are that common for pretty good reasons: they are easy to measure and serve as a solid proxy for important parts of the game that correspond to winning.

As we noted, based on simple raw numbers and on the most common advanced stats, there was no excuse for Botterill to have wasted Pegula's money on Frolik and Simmonds, let alone have Thompson and Mittlestadt in the NHL yet, and really devalues getting Sobotka and, to a lesser extent, Berglund in the ROR steal deal.

For those with inside information better than mine, how much of the analytics side was Botterill using invalid statistics, rationalisation for a bad move, or just plain ignorance that led to the ignoramus-like moves?

For everyone, what are some statistics and/or representations of data that you believe are largely valid?  I am here to learn and understand what people think on a myriad of topics related to the numbers.

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