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OT: Top 5 stand up comedians:


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Dangerfield and Rickles at the top for me.

Carlin, Pryor, and Robin Williams round out the GOAT list.

Ralphy May is damned funny but I feel the depth of subject matter he works with is lacking.

Newhart, it seems like he should be in there somewhere.

Comedy has changed over the ages.  I have a definite preference for the style, subjects, and delivery of the old timers.

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John mulaney is one of the best currently working and every special he does raises him on the all time list.

Bob Rubin is an interesting one. I had never heard of him until the new Patton Oswald special on netflix. Patton convinced them to include a small set from Bob Rubin as a 2nd episode

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2 hours ago, Weave said:

Way to go out on a limb.

Fine.  If we HAVE to go w/ just 5:






Madigan or Rudner would be honorable mentions.

And Eddie Murphy should've been on the other list as well.  

Not sure how he was missed.

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3 hours ago, inkman said:

I couldn't get past Katt using the N word 3 times in every sentence.  Made me wholly uncomfortable. 

Chapelle's take on Gallagher


I hear ya. However when i lived deep in the heart of the West Side here, in the summer time i'd have a bonfire in the backyard, with a few grills going & my HD projector playing Katt's standup shows on the back of my house. And the whole neighborhood would come over, often people I didn't even know, with the demographics being heavily slanted towards african americans & hispanics. Maybe it was just the perfect setting for me but we would've had the cops called on us from everyone laughing so much, if it wasn't for the whole neighborhood being there too. Tbh watching his standup's together in that setting really seemed to bring us all together, kinda ironic given how disgusting that word is on its own.

Chappelle is also known for gratuitously using the N word... context is everything i suppose. This was also like 8 years ago, when times were different & not everything was weaponized like it is today.

But yeah that Chappelle skit was funny as hell... just like most of his stuff imo.

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6 hours ago, Broken Ankles said:

I think you forgot Lenny Bruce, Bob Hope and Mark Twain.   If I hadn't seen 4 of these 5 in person myself I say, "Christ are you Old!"

Here are my top five:

1.) Jerry Seinfeld

2.) Chris Rock

3.) George Carlin

4.) Sarah Silverman

5.) Louis CK (I saw him at small club in NYC back in 1991 - met him after his set.) 

honorable mentions:

a.) Sam Kinison -  Died too early, but had some great HBO specials. 

b.) Sebastian Maniscalco - probably my favorite to watch today.

c.) John Mulaney - too young to be considered great, but definitely rising fast. 

Sebastian Maniscalco is hilarious.

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10 hours ago, Zamboni said:

There’s something to be said about a comedian who can be very funny and “clean“... it’s very hard to do… And the master of that would be Bill Cosby.

Jim Gaffigan

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8 hours ago, Weave said:

Carlin, Pryor, and Robin Williams round out the GOAT list.

All tops.

You're only given a little spark of madness... you lose that and you're nothing. (and... the line he does before leaves the dressing room in the opening... you know... for the rush).

6 hours ago, steveoath said:

1. George Carlin 

2. Eddie Izzard

Honorable mentions

Bill Burr (although "paper tiger" wasn't as strong as earlier stuff).

Kevin Bridges


Tom Segura

Tim Minchin 


Eddie Izzard in Lego form, obviously....

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1. Carlin was the greatest ever.  My GF and I stumbled across a special from 1990 the other night, every single bit is hilarious, relevant, and topical today.  Dude hated Boomers 30 years before it was cool.  

2. Pryor was a (relatively) close second.

3. Bill Hicks was also great, it just saddens me that he lived just long to see Dennis Leary steal his act whilst he was busy dying.

4. Steven Wright might be the best I've ever actually seen in person, truly original.  

Dark horse pick at #5: Eddie Pepitone.  He's a bit far out there, and probably not everybody's cup of tea, but he's really, really funny.  

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4 minutes ago, Andrew Amerk said:

Not mention yet, I don’t think:

Rita Rudner

Charlie Murphy 

Hannibal Burress 


Someone should gather all the names and let’s do a top 25 of all time voting contest or something. 

Had her as an honorable mention just missing the top 5.

Her grandmother asked her when she was going to become a great gtprandmother? Probably when she does something spectacular!

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