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Trade: Wayne Simmonds to Sabres for a Conditional 2021 5th

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1 minute ago, MODO Hockey said:

why? 5 million for? speak up ?

It's a move you make if you're trying to make the playoffs. He's a rental on a bad cap hit, but it's a vote of confidence from Botterill unless he trades a bunch of good pieces out now and it just turns into a cap dump for no reason.

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2 minutes ago, WildCard said:

4 years too late. Botterill and picking up washed up vets as depth pieces, name a more iconic duo

I would have loved Simmonds in his mid-to-late 20s and prior to the $5M hit. Now... it's a good pickup for a playoff run. And a solid rental for a 5th and retained salary.

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Simmonds is pretty much done and makes a huge salary.

He is also an expiring contract, fills a need and makes this team better down the stretch.

Very odd, but thumbs up.

One of our UFA's is moving for sure to make room for his deal

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