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GDT Sat 11th January. Sabres V Canucks 1pm ET

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14 minutes ago, CallawaySabres said:

I would much rather see kings, habs, and anaheim win. Jeff and Victor, feel free to take as much time as you want to fully heal.

Don't want to think about another high pick this year but looks like that will be the case come draft time. 

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Not much enthusiasm for this at all.  Other than Eichel I don’t really like the product on the ice. Skinner is out.  Dahlin has been quiet. Reinhart is not an impact player.  The team is blah. 

I have a 2:00 Memorial Service to attend.  Today’s is blah. 

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I'll catch a little before driving to Batavia for a varsity hockey game at 3pm.

I love hockey, so I don't mind so much.  But I mean, I'm not going out of my way to watch the Sabres at this point.  They are what they are and with the injuries they are less than what they were.

I hope they do well, as always, but it's their game is not compelling enough to make me change plans.

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41 minutes ago, Brawndo said:

Hutton in net 

Huh. Hutton didn't get to face STL, and instead of getting another Ullmark on a Saturday (4-0-1 this season, with the OT loss being Vancouver)...   This is my first goalie gripe this season. Maybe a bit too much workload for Ullmark, but he's earned this workload.

But --- feed Hutton to the defending champs on the road, but against his old team. The Ullmark on Saturday at home, which has been good to us.

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27 minutes ago, triumph_communes said:

Bogo scratched thank god

Does Rodrigues play?

Bogo hasn't done anything this season. Not a heavy hit, not a benefit to the PK (as were his strengths in past seasons). Rodriques is the 16th F at this point. I'm hoping it's Wilson - Lazar - Asplund on the 4th if Vesey's gonna get another chance with Jack and Samson.

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