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Pilut called up, Scandella on IR

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7 hours ago, GASabresIUFAN said:

Don’t be surprised if Pilut gets into the lineup.  

Starters Opening night.

Mojo Larsson Olofsson

Dahlin Pilut




7 hours ago, Doohickie said:

That would be one way to get the crowd behind them.

And the puck too.

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15 minutes ago, shrader said:

I've never been looking at this from a Sabre-only prospective.  Me personally, I have no issue if a team wants to fly over a spare skater when they're already at 23, particularly if one or two of those 23 are banged up a bit, but not necessarily IR-worthy banged up.  If the league does have restrictions on that kind of travel (if if if if if), I'd hope they have the ability to be a bit more lenient for these international series.

See, I'm not trying to suggest something completely unreasonable, like a busload of reserves.

This was my original thought, bring one extra forward, leave him on the Amerks Roster, give him excused absences from Amerks Practice and make him a healthy scratch for the lone Amerks Game on the 8th. Per Let’s Go Amerks Twitter the AHL purposely only scheduled one game in the time that the Sabres are in Sweden. 

I’m sure Asplund wouldn’t have minded a trip home 

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