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GDT: Buffalo @ LA Kings, 10-17-2019, 10:30 pm EDT


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Good for Hutton (and for the Sabres).  He's having a terrific start after a crappy 2nd half of last season. 

But games like last night are not a sustainable winning model.  They took their foot off the gas after going up 3-0 and relied on Hutton.  Fortunately, he delivered and Kovy shot wide on several point-blank opportunities.  That won't happen consistently.

They'll need to play much better vs Evander and the Sharks.

I didn't think Reino, Mojo or Skinner did much last night. 

I liked Scandy, the 3rd line (i.e. Larsson's line) and of course the Mitts-fits (good call on that nickname from someone upthread).  If they can get going and provide offense consistently it will be a huge help.

On to SJ.


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I'm really hoping that last night's shot/possession imbalance is a product of a tough scheduling sequence, and that the squad finds it legs for the San Jose game and makes a solid showing.

It's funny: The Sabres get a weird home and home with San Jose -- in California on 10/19 and then in Buffalo on 10/22.

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Even though you want your top line to be consistent and productive every game… That’s just not realistic. Some games they just aren’t. So if a “hero“ is different every game… That shows we have good depth. At least it does to me. I don’t expect Mitts to be the way he was last night, every game… But if he can look that good on most nights then ... bonus. Hopefully that will boost his confidence and he’ll take a step in development. Maybe Vesey has a game like that in him, or Johansson, or ERod, or Okposo.  I’d rather have six guys pumping in 20+ goals a season,  then two guys pumping in 45 and everyone else hovering at 12-15 goals. I’m a fan of scoring depth and not so much of the one or two 80-90 pt. superstars approach. 

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4 hours ago, Sabre1974 said:

How would you change it. Who would you move from eichels line?

I don’t think I would yet. I’d give them SAN Jose to redeem themselves. Challenge them to redeem themselves.

The simplest shakeup would be to flip one guy from jack’s line with his match on Mojo’s. I’d do Jack and Marcus.

Larry’s line has been too effective and Mitt’s is rounding into shape.

My issue with flipping Skinner for Vic is Vic’s inability to go get pucks the way Jeff does.

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NS reporting for active duty.

I must admit that when my alarm went off at 6:00 AM I got up and prayed the dawn prayers (6:15 AM now) and then pulled the blanket over my head.  Woke up at 9:00 AM not very bushy tailed (BT) at all.  Made the biggest and strongest pot of Bosnian coffee that I ever had and ate my Wheaties.  To my office at 10 still not BT.  Now it's 1:26 PM and I am finally up to speed, sort of.

Hell, last night and early this morning was fantastic.

When's puck drop.




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3 minutes ago, MakeSabresGrr8Again said:

You must have dug deep into the Darkside of the internet to find that one, lol.

It came up in the thread about that game.  I recorded it off the TV and loaded up to Youtube.

4 minutes ago, MakeSabresGrr8Again said:

No....like this.

Tage could never get down that low!  ?

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