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Hockey Perseverance Ratings

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Goaltender Perseverance ratings: (Save pct *6 + average shots against / game) / 0.6

Created: 1981

Creators: Hockey News Writers Jeff Z. Klein and Karl-Eric Reif

Inspiration: Avoid using GAA for comparing goaltenders because good goaltenders on bad teams look worse than bad goaltenders on good teams.

Logic: Save Percentage is generally a more predictable long-term, team-independent statistic than GAA.  Add in the shots against per game to measure workload; thus the same save percentage for a goaltender on a weaker team that surrenders more shots will show a higher perseverance rating and therefore better performance.

Advantages: First goaltender stat to try to rate goaltenders by combining personal performance and workload; found goaltenders who were over-rated by GAA who were terrible but played on very defencive teams.  (Prototype: Pete Peeters later in his career)

Disadvantages: Rated all shots equally; proportions were derived to rescale goaltenders to the THN staff's perceptions and evaluations.  (Prototype: Tom Barrasso early in his career)

Common Adjustments: Varying the dependence on the shot rates; incorporating shot difficulty; incorporating situational issues, such as a two-man advantage.

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