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Sabres Development Camp Announced

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I thought Brett Murray played a pretty good scrimmage. He had at least 5 quality chances but only cashed in on one(I think). He's a pretty big dude (6-4) and protected the puck well..... seemed to have good vision and make good decisions,........ with a little puck luck yesterday he'd be a guy we'd be talking about......... I hope to see him with the Amerks... 

Anybody else make any observations on Murray?

One other observation from yesterday...... Krueger damn near walked into the womens restroom! Looked around sheepishly and laughed.........

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Interesting article in Athletic by Yeardon trying to predict if Olloffsson exceeds 40 points this coming season... Answer who knows?  But few have done it... Tyler Johnson one of the few... Based on Victor Olofsson’s AHL numbers, can we get a better sense of what he’ll do in a full season in Buffalo? 

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Good article (from what I could actually read) 

If VO makes the team out of camp ... I can see him getting 35-40 points if he’s mostly on the top 6. If he’s relegated to the lower 6 most of the time, I can’t see him getting more than 25.

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