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Casey Mittelstadt, deep breath, he's fine

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Couturier, like Mittelstadt, was a No. 8 overall pick. Excluding the lockout-shortened season of 2012-13, he averaged 13 goals and 35 points for his opening five seasons. He turned it up with 31 goals and 76 points in 2017-18.

Johansen, a No. 4 overall selection, had nine goals and 21 points as a rookie. He recorded five goals and 12 points in 40 games as a sophomore. He jumped to 33 goals and 63 points during his third year.

O’Reilly had eight goals and 26 points as a rookie, then followed it with 13 goals and 26 points. He put up 18 goals and 55 points during his third season.


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I would note that ROR was younger than Mitts as a rookie. He did however put up the same number of points in year 2 (26 and 26). 

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There are always exceptions, but for the most part with forward drafted high that start in the NHL early in their career....it seems that sometime between the age of 21 - 24 is when you really get to know what their true NHL production is/will be.

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On Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 6:09 PM, dudacek said:

For clarity's sake, Mittelstadt wasn't our 2C thitc year. He averaged 13:27 a game, behind Sobotka's 14:11, Johan Larsson at 14:18 and the guy who ended up our actual 2C, Evan Rodrigues at 15:49.

I say this only because the myth persists: the only stretch where Casey was used anywhere near a 2C happened in February, when he was used for more than 15 minutes in 7 of 8 games. It happened just 9 times in the 50 games before that and twice more the rest of the year.

Your point still stands, except for the caveat I would accept the addition of an elite 3C and a legit 1st-line winger in lieu.


On Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 6:23 PM, TrueBlueGED said:

He wasn't the 3 by ice time, but do you think Botterill had designed it that way? I think Botterill had him penciled in at 2 and it just worked out differently because he obviously wasn't ready for it. 

Didn't start tracking lines until mid-December, but he was officially listed as the 2C 8 of the final 10 gamesin December.  The final 5 games of January (out of 10 total).  5 of 10 tracked in February (missed tracking 2 or 3 early that month, oops).  After we got to March, he was the 3C except when Eichel was out.

So, because he had no PK time & limited PP time (2nd unit got significantly lessice than 1st unit) hisice time wasn't close to 2nd, but he was the 2C @ 5v5 for a SIGNIFICANT portion of the season.

They can't do that again & expect to be successful.

Would really like to see them go w/

Oloffson Eichel Reinhart

Skinner Hays New Guy

Sheary Mittelstadt Rodrigues

Girgensons Larsson Okposo (he's gonna be somewherein this line up unfortunately, 12th F would di the least damage).

And, I'd expect him getting close to 40 getting favorable 5v5 matchups & 2PP (w/ 1st callup to 1PP when mixing stuff up/injuries).

When Hayes starts to fade a couple years out, flip him & Mitts.

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