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Woman's Rivalry Series: USA v. Canada

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Anyone else been watching/following this?

I've been following the Beauts a lot closer this year with the addition of Savannah Harmon from my alma mater (Clarkson) and the Rivalry series includes her playing for the USA for the first time along with several other former Golden Knights (and their head coach) on the Canadian side. Plus there are a few other Beauts playing (I think 1 more American, plus Shannon Szados).

The first game was played in London, Ontario (I think?) and the Americans won 1-0. I'm not sure if that was televised, but if so I missed it.

Last night's game in Toronto was very different with the Americans losing 4-3. I thought it was a great game and I'm really looking forward to the last game in Detroit on Sunday afternoon (12pm). Last night's coverage was on NHL Network in the US, but it was just the TSN coverage. I suspect Sunday will be the same (NHLN lists it again)

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I was all excited to watch it, then I realized it was on NHL Network, which I don't get.

So, I saw it in my guide, because one of my kids switched the filter to be all channels.  I clicked to watch and got the "You need to subscribe" message.  I was disappointed.  I also made my kids go outside and clear the driveway using their toothbrushes as punishment.  (That part is not true.)


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