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GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

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Honestly I didn't really notice much from the 2/3 lines at all during that Anaheim game. Since I was at the game I was paying more attention than I normally do to who was on the ice too.


I'm still not a fan of Tage being on the 4th line, but he was more noticeable than Ellie or Rodriguez. I kind of feel like those middle 2 lines only exist to the other 2 lines a chance to rest right now. Like they aren't a defensive liability, but they aren't the offensive threat we need to be a team that can make a deep playoff run. So really they are just killing time.

Has there been any updates on Pommers? I know he's old/slow but I'd prefer him to Ellie on the second line.

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Let’s hope this game is more Canada - Denmark than USA - Slovenia.  

I’m over ROR.  I hope Risto gives him something to whine about in the post-gamer presser.  

Let’s go Sabres.  I’m so pumped to watch the game.

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46 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:

Must win!!!!

Go Sabres!

and I like Ellie in the line up over Pominville (spelling?) Pominville has not done much when not on the top line (IMO)

Well, and Pommer's out with a concussion and stuff, so there is that.

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Face-offs will be interesting to watch when Jack and ROR meet up tonight.  Wonder if either of these two have any new tricks up their sleeve?  

Despite a bad start, the Blues are 5-3 in their last eight and beat the Pacific leading Flames in Calgary in their last game.  

Hope the Sabres aren’t looking past this game with the key Bruins match-up next.

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1 hour ago, Samson's Flow said:

You spelled it correctly! Just don't try the double "m" spelling ?

The Pomminstein auto correct seems to have disappeared with the forum upgrade.

OK, I guess not.


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