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GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

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21 minutes ago, Randall Flagg said:

And there are games in which our players make a fair number more good/fewer bad plays than the other team. 

And if anyone thinks this was us in the Nashville game, respectfully, I cannot understand what they were looking at. 

I was more talking about Swamp’s ERod take.

He was right about his good sequences. And the critics were right about the bad ones. Do you care more about the way he never stops skating and trying to create or the way he gets pushed off the puck like he was 12?

Do you care more about Kyle Okposo’s relentlessness on the puck or how many times his effort ends in a turnover? Sam Reinhart’s impeccable decision-making or his inability to overpower or outskate? Johan Larsson’s sandpaper boardwork or his stone hands?

It’s all there, it’s just the value is in the eye of the beholder.

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6 hours ago, That Aud Smell said:

I mostly saw the second, where they looked quite good.

Real-time SAT data indicated that the Predators fairly controlled the 3rd though (?).

Beginning a bit but Sabres controlled the latter half of that period

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Housley's quote sounds like he knew that continuing to try to stickhandle through the Preds' NZ trap thing wasn't going to work,  but that the players didn't really go for the alternative. Which is good news in the "Housley-adjustments" department. 

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