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Concerts you plan to attend this year


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2 hours ago, That Aud Smell said:


I wonder if the city doesn’t draw people from surrounding regions as well as it might because of how tricky it can be to drive around there. I mean: There you are, chilling in lane 3 of 4, and GPS tells you, “in 1000 feet, take the exit on your right.” Gah! Can’t get over. Missed it. Now I’m in a tunnel. What’s that? Next exit is in 12 miles.

It's a beautiful city, but it's really constricted. Like you said, if you miss your turn, you're screwed.

I can't remember the show, maybe Godsmack at Darien. And they were in Pitt the night before. They said it sucked there and that NY kicked their ass. And then he went on to say how the Yankees sucked though, they are from Boston.

So I looked up their show in Pittsburgh, and the place was like half full. It was pitiful. So it's weird to me that Metallica is only playing 2 stadium shows. Small market Buffalo and notoriously bad concert attendance Pittsburgh. But I can guarantee that there are a big number of fans that will attend both shows.

Idk, the whole thing seems weird to me. Metallica has been in Europe too. I think Buffalo might be their first show back in the states. 

All I know, this is prolly the last time I'll see them live. And to see them at Highmark is going to be unreal. I'm gonna go from 6 to 12 when I walk in there.

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I was at the Earth Wind and Fire concert last night in Artpark in Lewiston.  I'm not a huge fan of the bad but some family members wanted to go.

The worst run concert I have ever been to in Artpark.  Living in that area, I went to a bunch of concerts years ago when they were free on Tuesdays, and recently I'd say we have been to 10-15 in the past 10 years.

I have no idea who was running this but it was an awful experience.

-They sold way too many tickets.  Once you got inside, there was zero space to sit even on the lawn. People started putting down seats on the path making it hard to  walk around, and if you were one of the last thousand or so people to come in, the only seating let was on the path/lawn behind the concessions and the porta-bathrooms. Yes, people had to sit facing the back of the bathroom and concessions stand with no view of the stage.

-We live 15 minutes away, we figured we'd leave the house an hour before the start time?  Bad idea. Parking lot was full. All street parking was full. We ended up finding a spot down by the waterfront and had a 15 minute walk just to get to the entrace to Artpark.

-Once you got there, the line started outside the main gait, all the way up the hill (maybe 1/4 mile long)  The wait just to get into Artpark was over 30 minutes.

I haven't been to a concert there in a few years, but they really have to get things together. Biggest issue was they sold too many tickets. You can't sell so many general admission tickets so that even when people jam onto the lawn area, there were hundreds of people left over with no where to sit other than on the side or the side/behind the stage area right across from restrooms.

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