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  1. A few friends and I are planning a road trip down the US east coast next summer. So if you guys have any tips/places to visit (especially smaller/more obscure and unique ones) please let me know :)
  2. Ahoy Maytees! Let's pretend you were a scurrilous cadger of the high seas. Let's say you laid your eyes upon some precious bounty on the Sabres team that no one was a'claiming. Firstly, how would'ger get yer hands on such a prize. Secondly, how would'ger cash in? Pirate Talk Only.
  3. We can talk about terrorism and stray dogs here and save the other thread for hockey talk!
  4. BUFFALO SABRES: SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR: http://www.formstack...6516-66wGXNK162 http://sabres.nhl.com/v2/ext/pdf/2013-SocialMediaCoordinator.pdf
  5. It's been several years since I've been back to BFLO and I'm looking for a place with the best traditional Buffalo chicken wings somewhere along the way from the airport to Canada. I know of all the little holes in the wall on the outskirts but I'm not familiar any more with what is downtown...... Or in the area I mentioned. I have friends that are flying in and heading to Toronto and are looking for some real chicken wings. I plan to send them to Charlie's, but also need a wing place. I wanted to send them to East Aurora for wings but I don't think they're going to be able to get out that way. Any recommendations?
  6. Caught the pilot of the series last night. Thought it was a cool little show. Kinda like a cross between Arli$$ and Entourage. Always enjoy the Rock, an underrated actor who has been lumped into the muscle head genre. Thought Peter Berg (he is a producer) forced himself into the show. His character didn't resemble any coach I've seen in real life. I do like the fact that the Rock's NFL career seems to have ended while knocking out/killing a Buffalo Bill during a game.
  7. Which series is everybody watching? I've pretty much given up on everything on TV besides sports and the occasional NatGeo or similar educational program. Right now I'm starting season 3 of House of Cards, just finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black and just started season 2 of Peaky Blinders. Any recommendations to fill the time?
  8. The snowbirds can report in, too, to make the northerners feel bad (or really awesome) about their weather. Incredibly, right now, it's -10.8 where I sit, balls trying desperately to nestle up to my appendix.
  9. Do we not have a general "off-topic from everything else" thread? Am I way out of bounds on this one? Is this crazy!? Speak now or forever be silent (is there a thread for this I can't remember from some reason?) I see you goofballs post everyday, but have nothing to connect to most usernames anything other than your strange posting styles, some strange facts, and some stranger avatars. Does anyone do anything interesting or study anything interesting? Lurkers...un-lurk.
  10. Where do you put this on this board? Here, I guess, since it's a junk thread... RIP Spock...
  11. So I'm inheriting a car and am debating shopping around for insurance. I've always had Nationwide because it's what my parents have and set me up on back when. I'm just curious to see which companies are the most popular among Sabrespacers and why. Since I value your opinions ;)
  12. Not sure, but after almost a year, I think it's time for the Anti-Awesome thread. I did quickly look for a place to post the link below, but didn't find any thread that was worthy ... http://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/12/world/wedeman-ancient-monuments/index.html?hpt=hp_t3 As if the nut-bar Muslim Brotherhood isn't enough there are even nuttyer bars in Egypt. Mods, Feel free to merge as you see fit.
  13. So this coming weekend I will be heading to Cleveland with the girlfriend because she has to spend the day at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday. We're leaving Thursday night and getting into Independence where our hotel is probably pretty late. That said, we've got the rest of the weekend to mess around Cleveland. We're already planning to hit the Cleveland Auto Show, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and maybe a Lake Erie Monsters game if time allows. But one of my favorite things to do is explore the local food. I'm usually pretty good at finding the little places, the pieces of Americana, that wont be packed with tourists. There's always a 50/50 chance of food poisoning, but that's a risk I like to take. Anyone from the Cleveland area have some tips? I'm looking for all types of places. 24 hour diners with a great Country Fried Steak, burger joints, good pizza, etc. None of that Apple Bees, Bonefish Grill, chain restaurant BS. :thumbsup:
  14. My new years resolution was to finally try and understand NMR and the theory/physics of it. So far it is going pretty well I think; however, I am getting confused by relaxation, motion and the correlation time. So i understand that: The magnetic moment of each nucleus precesses around B0. The frequency of this precession is the Larmor frequency (ω0), which is equivalent to the resonance frequency of the nucleus and the energy difference between the two levels. Brownian motion of a magnetic moment generates random local field variation at a neighbor. The frequency dependence of Blocal can be found by FT. The Brownian motion-induced fluctuating field can be thought of as containing a range of frequencies, including the nucleus’ ω0 frequency Because the local field frequency can match the Larmor frequency, emission/absorption events can be stimulated that reestablish the Boltzmann equilibrium, allowing the spin energy to be detected as it is transferred to the molecular framework (the lattice) And i also understand that correlation time (τc) represents the time it takes for a molecule to reorient by 1 radian (this is also called tumbling time). Thus a shorter correlation time means the molecule is moving faster. But why does this generate a wide range of frequencies with relatively low amplitude, while slow motion generates a much more limited range of frequencies, but these have higher amplitude? And how does this explain the T1, T2 vs Tc graph (the one that has a straight like for T2 and a v-shaped line for T1)? And finally, one explanation (i think) for this was that basically dipole-dipole relaxation is short range and if tc is small, then the molecule is moving too fast to interact with neighboring molecules. However, I thought interactions were controlled by the frequency of the two molecules, not by proximity? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Did anyone watch the premier on FX on Wed? It was excellent, IMO, but I don't watch much TV outside of sports and Nickelodeon. :) http://www.fxnetworks.com/theamericans
  16. I'm thinking of making my own chicken wings. Down here in SoFL I've tried so hard to find any place that has wings even remotely close to real Buffalo wings. One place came close but they sold out and their new wings are just as bad as the rest. Hard to believe I have never tried to make my own. Anyways, it's really hard to find any place down here that uses a wing sauce that is your typical tangy vinegar/butter based sauce that we're so used to in BFLO. Most places nowadays just add as much jalapeno and pepper to burn your mouth for minutes after you eat it but have absolutely no flavor. I'm just looking for a basic wing sauce that most small BFLO restaurants use. Basically just general proportions and hot sauce brand to mix with. I can work with a general recipe and tweak from there. Yes, I can Google it but I figure I'd get a better answer here. I prefer small crispy wings, not a fan of the fat meaty type (but that really doesn't have anything to do with this. :D) Thanks! ;)
  17. I *so* wanted a Rickenbacker when I was playing more. I'd still love one, but I really can't justify it.
  18. So for you political wonks on here, let's use this thread for al things about the first Tuesday in November.. So I'm watching Ryan speak now as the VP wannabee. Very strategic choice by Mitt. Wisconsin is one of the few swing states that are in play.. I think this may be the first decision made by Mitt that I actually like. Not sure it helps Mitt in the big cities, but it sure seems like a safe pick..
  19. A new thread to discuss all things about the beautiful game. I'll start with: Some things never change. Beckham will not be bending it in the next LA Galaxy match. He has been suspended for "provocative behavior", which earned him a yellow card. That warning put him over the magic number and was suspended due to yellow card accumulation. EDIT: Below is a link to the story. http://www.bangalore...ehaviour’-.html
  20. Another conversation in another thread got me curious to know what peoples favorite old movies might be? So come on, turn on tcm and tell us why you like it, when you first saw it, what makes it stand out? For myself, I will go with "Thief of Bahgdad" with Douglas Fairbanks from 1924. Great production values for the time and a great silent film especially with the Gaylord Carter organ score. I remember watching on a reel my dad had found at a yard sale when i was very young. It was really fun and is still a great movie of the period and in general. Very fun film if you appreciate silent films and my favorite part has to be when he steals the magic rope and sneaks into the palace to watch the processional of princes. its a long offseason so what do you watch?
  21. So i am currently applying to the British Army to be an officer. Does anyone here have any military experience? I appreciate it is different countries/cultures etc. and I am asking people I know off the internet :P but it would be helpful to chat if you are. So please PM me/comment etc.
  22. So, the World Cup starts in 25 days. This may be a bit early to start the discussion, but I have a bit of time on my hands right now. Teams are starting to name their players, with final rosters to be announced in about two weeks. There have been a few surprises. Who will win? Will Spain once again return to glory? If so, it would mean Spain will hold Euro, WC, Euro, WC trophies in a row ... unprecedented. Will CR7, or Messi, finally lead their countries to a championship on the worlds biggest stage? Will Brazil take the host advantage to the championship? Will Brazil be ready to host this event by the first kick off? For me ... my heart says BiH will win and Džeko will score the most goals. My head says probably Brazil. A link to the official FIFA WC 2014 web site ... http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/
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