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  1. Sucks being a Sabres fan these days, but with all the snow, things are looking up for skiers and snowboarders. Anyone here like to hit the slopes? Sadly, I don't get out as much as I'd like to with two kids playing travel hockey. Last year I think I logged about 6 days total, including 3 days in Banff. This year, all I've got booked so far is Superbowl weekend at Bristol Mountain. Most years my friends and I go out west or at least to the Adirondacks or Quebec. Our favourite spot is the Salt Lake city area where we've got at least 5 or 6 times. It's tough to beat the 500 inches of snow per year and the quality of terrain there. A big trip likely won't be in the cards, but we'll see how much time and budget is left towards the end of hockey season. Hopefully I'll get in a bunch of Holiday Valley night skiing sessions. Cheers! Edit: feel free to post your favourite ski destinations and why you like them!
  2. Is anyone going? I just got my tix behind the Sabres bench
  3. For all of you chess aficionados, you may have already heard about the cheating scandal where Magnus Carlsen accused Hans Niemann of cheating during an OTB match. https://www.wsj.com/articles/chess-cheating-hans-niemann-report-magnus-carlsen-11664911524
  4. I want to cry. I hate asking this. I live in Amherst, NY. A long time friend of my wife's just moved in with us to escape domestic abuse. She rescued their a 7 month old Newfoundland-Poodle mix named Sally who was getting abused too. But Sally was not well-trained (needs better house training and needs to settle down) and is too rambunctious for our cats, whom she terrifies by trying to play with them. I already love Sally dearly, but none of our friend, my wife, nor I can care for her properly. I work at home, but I don't have the time for her that she deserves. My wife works tough hours. Our friend works irregular hours. All three of us are in therapy. The dog needs consistency and attention that we are may never be able to give. If you or anyone you know and trust with dogs would like to take her, please let me know. I really don't want to do this, because I think once she gets well-trained, she will be a great dog. She is very friendly and affectionate. Alternatively, if you know someone who can help train her, that may work too. But like I said, I worry about the cats who are hiding. I have to cry.
  5. Dunno what to make of this. Adidas ending nhl ties altogether - teams and player sponsorship. Wonder who will be next?? Does anyone care? https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10043662-nhl-to-change-jersey-supplier-when-adidas-contract-ends-after-2023-24-season
  6. I haven’t been using ride sharing much since COVID. My last two rides have been unbearable. The drivers absolutely cranking the ***** out of whatever garbage they are listening to and the temperature has been about 10 degrees in the wrong direction. I don’t recall it being this bad pre-pandemic. Has anyone else had experiences like this?
  7. We're less than a month until the draft. Final rankings lists are being locked. It's time for the 2022 edition of the all-important-useless-Star-Wars-reference/character-based-on-player-name draft rankings: 2022 edition. I didn't want to hijack a real thread with my nonsense, so head to this Sabrespace for the real-world discussion. Last year, the Sabres drafted #1 and took the best Star Wars name/reference on the board and probably ever: Uncle Owen Unlimited Power. (At least, until they draft this guy in a couple years.) Three firsts this draft so I'm splitting it into tiers of who could still be available at each selection. In some cases (Nemec/Jiricek) they're likely to already be off the board, but I'm including their names anyway. Note: The sequence of players is in order for groupings and humor (Miro after Yurov), it has no bearing on order of preference within the tiers. Let me know if you need another player researched. Maybe available at #28... Luca Del Bel Belluz C -- "I'm Luca Del Bel Belluz I'm here to rescue you." = You're who? = "I'm Luca Del Bel Belluz." Del is a common name on wookiepedia. Both Del and Bel are clone troopers. Altogether, the most unlikely clone trooper name in the galaxy. Snuggerud RW -- A Snaggletooth! So old-school Star Warsy it just feels right. Chesley RHD -- Moisture farmer. Howard LW -- Luke: What's a duck? Google it. Mesar RW -- Gungan. Agile, quick, jumps really high and flips. Meesa goin' score goals! Jagger Firkus RW -- Perfect Star Wars name. Not a JAG. Total smuggler/gambler/scum pilot of a trash-heap ship that has tons of speed and secret compartments. And you know I play a mean guitar mindharp. Rinzel RHD -- I'll be the first to say it: "Rinzel will be fine." A cantina proprietor. Deeper dive shows that rinzefruit is a type of produce. Hutson LHD -- Part of the crimelord syndicate... Soon you will learn to appreciate him. Whoa-ho-ho! Pickering LHD -- System in the Mid Rim. And another Uncle Owen as a bonus. Ostlund C -- Imperial officer. 2 Osteds are Imperial navy officers! Amazing. Alater and Wermis! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Osted_Alater ; https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Osted_Wermis Hävelid RHD -- Imperial ship or Imperial (m)officer (moff) https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Havelon ; https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Haveland Beck C -- Rebel pilot's first name. There's totally a Beck Iceslider out there. Cruz Lucius -- C'mon! The parents named their kids Chaz and Cruz? Anyway, Rebel pilot. He yells something like "I've got the shot!" as the path opens to a direct lane to launch proton torpedoes at the ISD shield generator, followed quickly by "Oh no!" as a wave of TIE Interceptors appear and blast him. Cruz disappears in a fireball. Pretty much the most awesome role to have in a movie. Cool helmet. 1 or 2 lines of dialog. He's the Grizz Frix of this draft! A lifetime on the autograph circuit as the "Oh no! Guy".
  8. I’ve tried in the past, and just can’t become a fan. Bring on the paint drying wall. 😂
  9. I’ve used both AirBnb and VRBO before, and have often wondered…do both the owner and renter get hit with service fees? I am renting a place in Florida next winter for 7 weeks through AirBnb, and got hit with a $600 “service fee”…not counting cleaning fee or sales taxes. PS I quit using VRBO as their fees are even more ridiculous than AirBnb.
  10. According to something I just read on my phone, Dominik Hasek's daughter is in this year's Eurovision song contest with a band named after his nickname, "The Dominator." Is this for real?
  11. Who’s playing this online game? Are you having fun with it?
  12. I will start with the one at the top of my list… Progressive - Flo and Co. What say you?
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/27/us/richard-marcinko-dead.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur
  14. So, my wife and I have made a decision to move out of Virginia down to the Charlotte area sometime next year. A lot of factors came into play, and we hashed out these things before making such a crucial decision. We had considered other metro areas, but we ultimately settled for this. I know that some SS members have either lived in Charlotte in the past, or are still there. What areas would you guys recommend for affordable and safe places to live? Areas like Lake Norman are out of the question since there’s absolutely no way we could afford to live there. It doesn’t have to be city proper. We could even consider Concord or Kannapolis. We just don’t want to live where we would not feel safe, and I want to minimize commuting distance as much as possible. Also, if there are other things that we need to know about that I haven’t thought about, feel free to pass it on. Just don’t recommend Elevation church to me whatsoever.
  15. The Sabres & Bills doubleheader today got me thinking…did the Sabres, Bills and Braves ever win all on the same day? Also trying to recall, did the Braves and Sabres ever play on the same day in the Aud? Enquiring minds want to know? 😊
  16. I’m driving in the car with my wife in the passenger seat when a person in front of me was driving like an idiot. Next thing I know, wife says to me…”what is it you are doing with your hands?”. I then realize I am doing the WTF Wave, and have since realized I do it a lot. To the person in front of me at the supermarket blocking the aisle, to cars that come to close to me when I’m walking, all kinds of car driving moments, etc… I think I’ve become Ryan Miller, but with no goalie equipment on. Help!
  17. I’ve had a problem for month or so using Google Chrome on my iphone. Sometimes, embedded tweets won’t show up at all, other times they just load slow. Sometimes if I go in and out of a thread, they may then show up. Just upgraded to an iphone 12, and problem is still there. Anyone else seeing anything similar?
  18. A lot of us may know about Hunter's Hope from Jim & Jill Kelly. Here's a similar organization started by Sabres alum Curtis Brown and his wife Ami. https://www.theaubribrownclub.org/ Check it out. We all may know others who need the help.
  19. I can't find the old reading thread from a few years ago,, so I thought I'd start a new one.. After all, someone started one about favorite greasy spoon joints. Plus, this gets my mind off of our boys possibly attending an Andrew Peters golf clinic. Thus, I've started reading some books simultaneously. The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport. Scimitar's Edge by Marvin Olasky. Far From Rome, Near to God, edited by Richard Bennett and Martin Buckingham. (Don't hold this one against me.) Medium is not important. It could be a newspaper or magazine article. It could even be something from BuzzFeed and other electronic media.
  20. I personally would treat these as foreign actors who have access to technology which we can not hold a candle to.
  21. Seattle Mariners 19(thru 2020) Sacramento Kings 15(thru 20-21) Buffalo Sabres 10(thru 20-21) New York Jets 10(thru 2020) It just happens to be that it ended up being one team from each league in the top 4 droughts. The Phoenix Suns also had a 10 year drought which they are about to snap. I don't follow the NBA at all, so I am not sure if the Kings are anywhere close to ending their streak, but the Mariners have a decent shot of being a playoff team this year.
  22. What are your vaccine plans? Closed to comments and voting is private. Since this is closed to comments, there is no way to bump it. Mods could you please pin for a week or so. If this thread is considered inappropriate, feel free to delete.
  23. spndnchz

    OT: RIP

    Prince Philip and DMX die on the same day. Coincidence?
  24. https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/legendary-7-eyewitness-news-broadcaster-rick-azar-has-died 😞😞😞
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