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  1. At this point, I believe Thompson has squeezed everything he can out of the AHL experience and is ready for a full-time bottom-6 NHL forward role. What do people think about an Okposo contract buyout? We're currently stuck with him for 3 more years at $6 million each. A contract buyout would instead mean 6 more years at $2 million each. Is he tradable? Must he count as a protected player for the Seattle expansion draft?
  2. If neither Montour nor Risto brings back a 2C in return, then Miller is likely to be traded since we would already have our top 3 RHD's (Jokiharju, Risto, Montour). In that case, Dahlin, Jokiharju, and Montour are the 3 protected d-men for the Seattle draft because I doubt Seattle would select Risto with his 1-year $5.4 million contract.
  3. The consensus top tier seems to feature exactly 8 players: Lafreniere, Byfield, Stutzle, Perfetti, Raymond, and Rossi at forward plus Drysdale and Sanderson at defense. I'm not sure I would be comfortable seeing the Sabres take a Holtz or Lundell or Jarvis over any of these 8 guys, including Sanderson. I want the best NHL player available at #8. I don't care what position he plays.
  4. I really like this lineup for our top-5 forwards. Excluding all UFA's and potential trades and 2020 draft picks, what's our most ideal 4 lines at the moment? Here's what I have: Skinner - Eichel - Kahun Olofsson - Cozens - Reinhart Mittelstadt - Johansson - Thompson Asplund - Lazar - Okposo This could work in theory. I don't like forcing Cozens as the 2C so early any more than the rest of you do, but maybe he's a fast learner and will at least have the benefit of playing with two high quality second line wingers. I don't know if there's any internal way around the glaring roster hole weakness at 2C.
  5. Who are these multiple people? Your Skynet programmers? The Sabres have the longest active playoff drought in the league at 9 straight years, which is longer than second-worst Detroit by 5 years and 1 short of the league historical record (Panthers, Oilers). During the first 41 years of the franchise's existence, the Sabres drafted 9 players within the top-8 overall. During the past 8 seasons, the Sabres will have drafted 8 additional players within the top-8 yet still are considered long-shots to make the playoffs in 2021, let alone contend for a Stanley Cup. This has nothing to do with bad luck at this point. This is complete and utter incompetence at the ownership level. I'm not even blaming the players, the coaches, the staff, or current management at this point. And I certainly wouldn't start blaming the fans and threatening them with losing their team if they don't continue to financially support this abomination. This message board has some of the most knowledgeable and passionate hockey fans I've ever encountered. The culture here is ultra friendly if you engage with the people here in a likewise friendly and honest manner.
  6. That's a crying shame. So much of this roster depended on him being a quality 2C. This is a playoff roster if Mitts became what J-Not envisioned when he made the O'Reilly trade: Olofsson-Eichel-Reinhart Skinner-Mittelstadt-Cozens Johansson-Kahun-Thompson Girgensons-Larsson-Okposo Jokiharju-Dahlin Ristolainen-McCabe Montour-Miller Ullmark Hutton
  7. You seem to watch a lot of Amerks games as well as Sabres games. So do you think it's time to give up on Casey? Can he still work himself into a second-line NHL winger or third-line center? He'll be 22 in November, has played 114 NHL games, and 36 AHL games. Give him 1 more year maybe?
  8. Sorry, Kim, but we're not falling for it. First, figure out why you and your husband are laughingstocks around the league. Next, get your lackey of a GM to make changes to the roster that address weaknesses the fans have been screaming about since the O'Reilly trade debacle. Then, start winning games. Afterward, we can begin having a productive discussion about what's wrong with the fan base. It's a bit unbecoming of you to request unbridled positivity and hard-earned money from the fans when you have driven a moderately successful and competitive franchise completely into the ground. The Buffalo Sabres have been around for 49 seasons. 8 of the 12 worst seasons for the franchise have been during the past 8 straight seasons. The other 4 were the first 2 years of the team's existence, the Bowman/Perreault transition year, and the Rigas-to-Golisano transition year (source: Simple Rating System column from https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/BUF/history.html).
  9. Apologies for the secrecy! I was known as Marchand's Nose in my former life during the pre-pandemic era. I'm looking through the extended Sabres roster, including the prospects with any real NHL potential. Here's what I have: G : Hutton, Ullmark, Luukkonen, Johansson, Portillo LD : Dahlin, McCabe, Johnson, Samuelsson RD : Jokiharju, Ristolainen, Montour, Miller, Borgen, Laaksonen LW : Skinner, Olofsson, Johansson, Girgensons, Davidsson C : Eichel, Cozens, Mittelstadt, Larsson, Asplund, Pekar RW : Reinhart, Thompson, Okposo, Kahun, Lazar I count 7 for my New Core: Eichel, Dahlin, Reinhart, Skinner, Olofsson, Jokiharju, Cozens. Eichel and Dahlin, of course, are the only 2 in my Super Core. When putting together this list, one thing I noticed is that the Sabres have a glaring need for quality veteran leadership. I think Okposo, Hutton, and Johansson are the only vets older than 27. This could be a big part of the team’s problem. We need guys who actually know how to win in the NHL. Guys with playoff experience would be nice!
  10. This team badly needs a second line center and a second line winger as well. You can't rely on Mitts and Cozens this season. Anyone know of any good free agents for the second line?
  11. Whoa there!! Slow down, Mr. Botterill. Rome wasn't built in a day. We're pacing to make the playoffs for 2022-23 and win the Presidents' Trophy for 2027-28.
  12. Unreal. Threads like these are why I feel completely indifferent to the NHL returning from COVID-19. The Sabres are wasting almost $10 million per year alone on the Skinner and Okposo contracts.
  13. I count up to 6 potential new starters: Diggs at WR, Daryl Williams over Ford at RT, Butler over Lotulelei at 1-tech DT, Epenesa over Murphy at LDE, Joseph or Klein at Sam LB, and Norman over Wallace at CB. I'll add 4 more specialty positions: Bass over Hauschka at K, Vedvik over Bojorquez at P, Gilliam over DiMarco at FB, and Davis over Foster at special teams gunner.
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