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  1. There was a time when people would try to beat each other to post the GDT right at midnight. It was easier for me because I'm on central time so it wasn't as late 😉
  2. @spndnchz posting the GDT right at midnight. Right on! Destroy the Panthers! Eh. They shot their wad the other night coming back from down 3 in the 3rd against the Caps. Due for a letdown.
  3. Hey Bills fans: I go to the Bills Backers bar in Fort Worth to watch the Bills games. I've made a lot of good friends there. Among them is Ron, who always has a smile on his face despite the fact that ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) is slowly destroying his body. He missed the last couple games and I was worried about him; I just found out he had pneumonia earlier this month and now needs assistance with his breathing. If you have a moment to say a prayer, send good thoughts, or whatever it is that you do, I would appreciate it. Ron's a great guy and doesn't deserve this fate. You can see Ron, his wife and his dog (sssshhhh!) at about 50 seconds into this video (I have it cued up to 49 secons). Yes, even his dog Caesar sings the SHOUT song! 😄
  4. I'm just venting. Lord knows, you do enough of that yourself. 😉
  5. Oh come on, I saw you twitch when you got to "hung link an elephant."
  6. So, the best in a generation you say? and some not at all.
  7. But he won't mature to NHL level until he's 25. Is that correct?
  8. The power of good goaltending. I wish the Sabres had some of that right now.
  9. If he can be a decent #3 center to start I'll be happy. I think eventually he'll supplant Tage as our top center guy. It should be wide open next year; may the best C get the job.
  10. "botts-2C situation"? (I'm not seeing that term in my Sabrespace glossary.)
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