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  1. woo hoo! another (original) golden knights fan. righteous. to stay on topic...i, too, am impressed with the approach this team is presenting through the first two games of the season. both had the distinct probability of being losses, and yet the sabres have essentially imposed their will on their opponents for what amounts to all but a a few minutes that i can count on one hand. love it.
  2. sorry if it's been mentioned already, but ryan kennedy on siriusXM ch. 91 said this morning that MTL took the aho offer to b-point first, and he wasn't interested. didn't know if it was term or the $$, but he added that point was interested in working something out with TB, so...boo. don't know much about cirelli's ability outside of straight scoring stats, but i love point's game, and think he's the perfect 2C for buffalo at this...point. bummer.
  3. The athletic has a story about how much cashish the sabres will have next summer (spoiler alert: the term "free agent frenzy" was used). Can't read it all b/c I don't subscribe. Can't link it b/c I don't know where I saw it. Lazy Saturday here at lake winnepesaukee.
  4. if you're into period stuff, Gentleman Jack (HBO) is fantastic. it's got it all in spades, writing/acting/costumes. love it, and it's based on the main character's actual history via personal journals. it's basically forced be to track down anything suranne jones (lead actress) has done. just something about women with odd noses that really holds my attention. did anyone like Succession on HBO? i thought it was good. some of those family members are thoroughly effed up.
  5. that was a losing battle by kucherov, i don't know why he bothered. it actually made me giggle. that doesn't scream toughness to me. and point taking out frustration on skinner of all people? again, i don't see touhgness there...maybe if he went after bo-lew or something. granted, i don't see any toughness in buffalo's top 9 either, so there's that.
  6. bots will skip third gear by stocking up on high picks via trade and offer sheet marner or point this summer.
  7. He should have plenty in the tank, then.
  8. Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to what the AAV might be for Neal? Maroon? I can't believe an overall #1 is washed out at 24 (yakupov).
  9. Right? What would it take? I know it's possibly been discussed, but I don't remember the names, and their new sitchee-ay-shun might improve the return, eh?
  10. Scott Laughlin on Sirius saying Isles NEED to get ROR, and get him TODAY.
  11. "Bumped" from GM to special advisor by azzhat shanahan, then hired away by the isles.
  12. Weird. Lou leaves a team he helped build to keep a guy like JT on the new team, only to lose said franchise center to the team he just left.
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