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  1. Great trade and great price. Skinner's name has been out there all summer and the idea never really interested me that much given his upcoming UFA status, but how can you not be ecstatic to get him for a reasonable price? And the fact he waived his NMC to come here gives me optimism that he may sign long term. I was not thrilled with the O'Reilly trade at the time, but this off-sets that in a big way if Skinner re-signs. Skinner has a much higher ceiling offensively and should easily replace Ryan's offensive output, while the depth created in the previous trade makes our bottom six NHL-calibre. It all makes a lot more sense now. I wonder if the timelines overlap. Did Botterill make the O'Reilly trade knowing there was a decent chance he could land Skinner? Or was Skinner just an opportunity that arose later that he couldn't pass up.
  2. And they saw how well that worked out for them with the Hoffman trade. they embarrassed themselves. they owe it to their fans to get out of their own way on this one. take the best offer available, regardless of his destination. but, i do agree, it is an extremely unlikely scenario.
  3. i posted it in another thread, but i would trade all three of our 2019 first rounders for Karlsson (w/ extension). i could throw in a prospect or two as well, but not any of the NHL-ready or borderline NHL-ready guys. I would lottery protect our own pick. For Ottawa, they have no first round pick of their own and are clearly in rebuild mode. How could they say no to three first round picks in the upcoming draft (potentially)? it would be a nice kickstart to their rebuild. I keep hearing the 2019 draft is "deep." I can't verify that, as I've only followed Hughes, but if it is indeed viewed as a deep draft class then that might be enticing to them. i don't think i could put together a offer where we take bobby ryan back. if that is the demand, i guess i move on to panarin.
  4. I will always remember him fondly. It's easy to say in retrospect that he made terrible moves and ruined the team, but I loved his aggressive nature. I think he had the team on the right path. I still feel he should have been given another year to fix things -- and I wonder what happened that day. We were all expecting Bylsma to be fired, but not many truly expected Murray to be let go too. I still wonder if he took the fall b/c of an ultimatum to fire Bylsma that he didn't agree with. Maybe we'll never know. But I think when you are hired as the GM to lead a tank job -- and ownership is clearly on board with your plan -- you need to be given more than two seasons post-tank to rebuild things. Oh well.
  5. i'd go full tim murray and trade all three picks for Karlsson (extension in place, obv), because i am out of patience. ottawa won't want to trade in-division but i don't think any other team can offer three first round picks, let alone two of which from teams who missed the playoffs last year. how can they say no to that, knowing they have no pick of their own? (Maybe we can even lottery protect our own since that is the current ridiculous trend of the league.) that would definitely salvage the ROR deal for me. i know it doesn't fit the mold of a rebuild at all, but i'd be all for EK65 "mentoring" Dahlin. at least we could definitively say our defense has improved. it would likely lead to Risto being dealt eventually but you never know. as much as i hate the ROR trade and think it was a step in the wrong direction, there is no arguing that the bottom 6 has improved. a guy like EK on the back end with Dahlin presents hope that our defense will be vastly improved. maybe the team overall could take a step forward this season after all.
  6. this is basically all that matters to me when thinking about this trade. i personally feel we got fleeced -- i'm sure i am heavily biased and equally uninformed on the prospect/players we are getting. but it is more about my unwillingness to start over. we have wasted the last 10 years of our fanhood being bad, and the last 5 years being the epitome of bad. i'm really not ready to buy into "another rebuild" -- especially after listening to JBotts talk about age being a factor in the trade. if 27 is too old for this group, then my god -- it will be 5 years before this team sniffs a playoff birth. it is soul crushing, to be honest. i've lost my passion for the game as well over the last 5 years. i am ryan o'reilly.
  7. you understand the point i was making. you act like everybody hated o'reilly up until trade rumors started swirling. that is wrong. there was just no reason for anyone to go around saying how great o'reilly is in the midst of another last place season.
  8. that team wasn't 'rebuilding' or in last place.
  9. that is silly logic. there is no reason to go around saying how great o'reilly is when he is our own property (under contract for many more years) and universally considered a pretty good player around the league. of course people are going to stand up and voice their opinions about how good o'reilly once it became possible they would trade him.
  10. Yes, but it would be much easier to part with our pick for an established player like that knowing that we have at least one, and maybe two, other first round picks to pocket
  11. 3 years from now we will have officially wasted 6 years of Jack Eichel. unbelievable
  12. one step forward by drafting Dahlin, two big steps backward by trading o'reilly for junk. see you guys next year, when the media runs jack eichel out of town after he expresses frustration about finishing in last place for the third time in four years or however many, who the hell even cares anymore
  13. the fact that the pick is top 10 protected is an absolute embarrassment. i'm not surprised, but i don't understand how that became standard practice in the NHL. if a team said they wanted to protect their pick, i would call the deal off. but sadly thats not the worst part of the trade
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