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  1. as happy as I am to have Jason canned, i really don't have much faith that his successor will fair any better. i would have loved to have gotten a chance to see Jack Eichel carry this team through a playoff run, even in one of the stupidest playoff formats of all time. but, as far as the "if they played one more game thing", while true, i look no further than the 6 losses in a row prior to the washington game that ended up being the last game.
  2. Hello friends, long time no see! I'm looking to purchase or potentially trade for an authentic Eichel 50th Anniversary jersey. I ordered a Dahlin upon release but found myself wishing I had gotten Eichel. I am a bit of an Eichel collector and would love to add his 50th jersey. I could buy outright or trade my Dahlin (never worn) and a few bucks. PM me if interested!
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