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  1. Al least they have all been able to virtue signal getting the COVID vaccine.
  2. The end of his contract. Ie. NOTHING.
  3. Three goal loss. 5-2 or 3-0, not that it even matters anymore.
  4. Pens 1-0 after first period, Sabres have 5 shots. Pens 4-1 after second, Sabres tie it up, give up the go ahead goal and fall apart, total shots after 2 are 12. Final score Pens 5-2 Why, because that seems to be the Sabres favorite loser score. Total Sabre shots in the game is 18. Penguins have 34 shots.
  5. Face it, this is probably the most truthful statement the Pegula family has made about this team in a decade. They probably just don't realize it and that is the problem.
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