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  1. I had several...I listed them several times over the years on Craigslist....they all sold..but sometimes I had then listed for long times with no interest
  2. You mean to tell me they've sold naming rights to divisions now ?
  3. Primed for a huge year based on ? I'm questioning if he is even an NHLer
  4. Agree...this is what it should have been before, and I still think it would be a great choice cause I can see the crowd signing it...I mean really what good is it if the crowd isn't signing or getting into it ?
  5. I guess I never thought of "win now" as in something other than going for the cup...But, ya I agree they better start doing something soon like at least start making the playoffs or it wouldn't surprise me if Jack asked for a trade
  6. Lol the Sabres are in a win now mode....That is hilarious...thanks for the laugh 😄😄😄
  7. I just hopped over here from the Communist HFBoards....I hope no one here thinks Eklund is a legitimate source 😄
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