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  1. I do care about wins...I've been following this team for a long time,..Long enough to know that most of this team is rubbish...It's needed a major culture change for a long time....Keep drinking your Kool Aid and putting on your rosey glasses.
  2. They've won two games...let's not jump to any conclusions....They are still holding the title of league's worst...Can't lose it that fast.
  3. It's their choice to vaccinate Comrade
  4. To me it's still Rich Stadium..the last game I went to was in the mid 90s....A playoff game against the Jaguars 😄
  5. This is why we need a huge culture change which we've needed for years and it hasn't happened....Time to really blow things up.
  6. Good thought but honestly what d-man are you worried about losing? I don't know how many we can protect but you'd have to think that we wouldn't really lose any d-man of significance if the Krak took one
  7. That might be the worst line Hall's ever played on in his career...oof
  8. Not at all... that's why Hall has to go along with a great majority of this roster imo
  9. They get brought down by the losing culture
  10. Are you referring to a man pretending to be a woman ? Or a woman pretending to be a man ?
  11. Lol and any NHLer would destroy her...men and women are different...that's a fact
  12. It's a man's game...Women play but they don't play the same game as men....Not only are men obviously more physically dominant but I believe they also have a different mindset when it comes to playing....No way would I ever want a woman trying to coach the Sabres...They're women and they're softer....I can't even watch women's hockey it's so boring.
  13. Ok I'd still never want her or a woman as a HC though
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