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  1. Yeah, just a quick idea I had. Calgary beats that deal.
  2. Eichel to LA for Turcotte, Vilardi, Bjornfot, 2021 1st Reinhart to Seattle for Kunin, Bellows, 2021 2nd Ristolainen to NJ for Wood.
  3. I'd move both to the Western Conference, if I could. Keep the East clear of them. Eichel to LA seems to work. Turcotte would fit in perfectly with the type of team that finished out the season. Something like Turcotte, Vilardi, Bjornfot, and a 2021 1st. That's the "4 1sts" Adams reportedly wants for Eichel. Reinhart to Vancouver, Calgary, or maybe Seattle post-expansion draft. See what Seattle picks up. They won't get anyone as good as Reinhart, for sure, but they might have some nice pieces. Projecting, something like Bellows, Kunin, and a 2nd.
  4. I do not want to trade Eichel. But I also think Eichel asking for a trade is only a matter of time. If Eichel came out of the conversations with Adams with that kind of interview, then things aren't good and likely not getting better. No need to sit on Eichel and make him eat the contract. Just move on. The core of the team isn't that far from winning with goaltending and a few more pieces.
  5. Replying to this and the above: All true. Everywhere locked down. SC did from March to July. I remember driving to work on the interstate, usually packed, with nearly no one on the highway. And I agree, the lockdown saved lives. Two points of contention: - NYS is too NYS centric. Read my other note, above. Were lessons extracted from NYC to the rest of the country? Sure. But, the number 1 source of treatment and prevention data came from South Korea. They are the among the world's leaders in disease control. Treatments were being shared at the US DOD level in February,
  6. So, interesting but a very NYS centric point of view. The first lessons from COVID-19 prevention and treatment were coming from South Korea. The Department of Defense has a large presence there, and when COVID-19 hit, the prevention lessons and treatments came from them first, not NYC or NYS hospitals. The DOD was working with their epidemic system weeks before the virus hit the US hard. The RoK had over 4K cases before the US hit 1K confirmed cases. Many of these lessons where passed through the DoD system. We were briefed on treatment and prevention in last February. Far before th
  7. True about SC. But NYS didn't have the second highest mortality rate due to the nursing home issue, solely. The handling of the NYC outbreak early on was partially preventable. NYC officials lack of proper use of the Javits Center was entirely their decision, not a Department of Defense issue. NY didn't get hit first. Washington state got hit first. My point: NYS has had some of the strictest lockdown rules in the US, and is really no better for it.
  8. If Adams sends Hall (with retention) to Florida for Lundell, all is forgiven. Florida would never do that, though.
  9. Hoping it's to Boston (with retention) for DeBrusk.
  10. I work at the national level for the DOD, in recruiting and training new Soldiers, and we track this stuff closely. NYS isn't the ideal spot you think it is. NYS has the second worst mortality rate among US States, only trailing New Jersey, and closely followed by Massachusetts. We ask the kids that come in where they are from, and NYS has been one of the hot spots for a while. The reason that I cite SC is because the state has basically been open since the summer, and rates about the middle of mortality rates for the states (slightly higher due to an early outbreak). The SC governor
  11. Agree. I also live in SC, but have lived in both red states and blue states. NYS is the problem. If the Sabres were in SC, or even NC, they could have the whole organization vaccinated by now.
  12. No doubt. But I don't see Condon low balling RB'A. He's been with the organization for nearly two decades in some capacity. Which is why I think you're seeing the push from Carolina to sign him now. If Condon can get RB'A to re-up his contract now at a team friendly number, that prevents him from getting to the point to where he's competing with Pegulabucks.
  13. I don’t see RB’A leaving Carolina. His wife is from there, and he’s rooted pretty deeply in the community.
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