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  1. E4 ... Ke2


    A point to remember about the 1918-9 epidemic was that all the troops who were returning from the trenches brought the flu with them. It was all over Europe and North America before people really knew it how bad it was.
  2. E4 ... Ke2


    My sister's company is helping with the testing of these machines. The one caveat she gives is that many of these kinds of tests are not full tests (those usually take days), so they often have high false positive and/or false negative rates. There are ways around this, but with throughput being a major issue, I don't know what may be needed that I don't know about.
  3. E4 ... Ke2


    Just got word from my sisters that the materials for the study I had volunteered for were diverted to NYC. They obviously have more COVID-19 resistant people there and can get samples turned around locally faster. The concerning piece of information was the infection rate per capital was much larger than all but the worst estimates. They are more in line with Europe before any lockdowns, which implies that either: 1. The Communist Chinese have a greater resistance or tolerance to the virus for either environmental or genetic reasons; 2. The Communist Chinese have grossly understated their numbers across-the-board.
  4. @Eleven I typically do number theory problems from old AMC, AIME, IMO, NYSML, ARML, and Putnam exams. The IMO problems are the hardest @Neo just saw that FIDE cancelled the Candidates Tournament.
  5. Old Sabres games. Theory of several complex variables. Math contests, applied math techniques. FIDE Candidates Tournament System networking and administration for new job. Music analysis videos from different YouTube channels. History, cultural, etc. YouTube channels. Classic TV favourites. Classic movies that I haven't seen in aeons.
  6. True story: after this game, I snuck onto the ice via the penalty box. After the security guard scolded me with a big smile on his face, I went to where Seymour, Doug Moss, and I think Norty were signing autographs. When they signed my ticket, Seymour said, "have a safe trip home." I replied, "thanks; I need that more than you know." They all looked at me for a moment before Doug Moss's GF asked, "what do you mean?" I replied that I had driven in Friday night from East Lansing, Michigan and was driving back 6 hours overnight to teach a 9:10 class at MSU. After a stunned silence, one of the guys in line said, "are you saying that you are doing 12 hours of driving this weekend just for the game?" I said that it was true and that I had done the same thing for the retirement of Tim Horton's number earlier that season. I explained that I was a day 1 fan who threatened to flunk students who dared to bother me if I was watching a game at the bar. After a huge laugh, Doug Moss slapped me on the back while Seymour said, "stories like yours and fans like you are why I hope we can all celebrate a Cup victory together soon." Excuse me while I cry over the poignancy of the last thing I ever heard Seymour speak.
  7. E4 ... Ke2


    Yup, that's mild. I was still mostly functional, albeit suboptimally. I did not have any underlying respiratory problems before then -- at least none that could not have been cured by losing 20 pounds. The differences now are easy to spot and understand. I can't exert at as high a level, say, when I clean the kitty litters (we have 18 for 6 cats). I can't exert for as long when I need to be more physical. My symptoms of "male over 50" disease are more pronounced. I need more recovery time from exertion. My respiration is up. My blood pressure varies wildly. One thing that is a positive, though, is that everything has been very slowly improving. My stamina is heading in the right direction. My lung capacity and breathing have improved slightly, but definitely, the last couple weeks.
  8. Yeah. No signings would be happening if he weren't coming back. Drat it.
  9. If Ullmark improves again and we get someone in the average-plus starter (13-16), it should get close. Icing 4 real, honest-to-God NHL centres behind Eichel and 4 honest-to-God NHL lines behind Skinner-Eichel-Reinhart to boot would seal it. (1 extra centre and 1 extra line each for injuries.) The 5th line equivalent could be Asplund-Lazar-Vesey in this instance. My beef is that JBottom thinks that this could be the 4th line with Mittlestadt-Cozens-Okposo as the 3rd line with Malone, Thompson, and Simmonds being next.
  10. E4 ... Ke2


    I may have got lucky. The start-up has a subsidiary in Hubei province (WuHan is its capital). They came to Buffalo last April. I worked with their techies in June. Some of their families had the illness before they came here. We just treated it like the flu and made sure I had my shots. No one got sick, so we just let it go. In October and December, we sent teams to Hobei for a couple of weeks. After the December meeting, there were local quarantines instituted while were in the air returning. My first 2 exposures were before the mutation became really virulent. We who discussed it theorise that I had some mild resistance built up by the time I got exposed to the worse form. It is only when I saw the symptom list in mid-January that my problems made sense.
  11. E4 ... Ke2


    It could have been a lot worse. I kept fighting through it because I worked at a start-up and got paid on contingency (no sales = no pay) and perceived contribution by clients (pay in proportion to visibility in the direct product; not great for my hardware and software support work -- necessary though it be).
  12. E4 ... Ke2


    My sister (microbiologist) says that it is. I am naturally curious, so if you have questions you would like answered, I will prepare them.
  13. E4 ... Ke2


    Sure. In fact, I should have posted this earlier. Thank you, PA! Fever, 1-3 degrees C above normal: 1.5 weeks. Its persistence marks it as unusual. Cough: 3 weeks. The tell here was that my throat felt like it was burning and was being punctured like needles. Shortness of breath, trouble inhaling, non-cardiac chest pains: started after 1 week, got worse, still not back to normal after 3 months Extreme somnolence verging on narcolepsy: 5 weeks. We think that I have diminished lung capacity because of lung damage, probably exacerbated by hypertension. Still remnants after 3 months. Bouts of confusion: 2 months. Just recently pulled out of this. More aches and pains than usual for male over 50. Includes some problems with balance. Other symptoms were like terrible allergies.
  14. Schoenfeld, Smehlik, B. Sauve.
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