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  1. So it was just Spamming, got it.
  2. That’s exactly how it works, that’s why the success rate of picks drops so drastically in the mid-late first
  3. Then why did you waste everyone’s time with that nothingburger post. You’d think someone who knows “a great deal” about Cernak would use that in a response to a trade for Cernak post.
  4. That’s correct, I mean the guy you clearly know nothing about... beyond that which can be googled in 2 minutes I’m going to assume that when a completely hockey based post is met with rhetorical snark, it’s fair game to respond in kind....
  5. Closer to what? we still have a massive hole where ROR used to skate, and McCabe-Risto continues to show themselves incapable of the role their games are designed for.
  6. I’ve been a Risto defender for a long time... but it’s time to accept that his flaws are what they are... with that said I’m not out there selling Risto... but I am definitely listening to buyers. Point is silly talk... but the offer that isn’t an overpayment but would definitely intrigue me is: JT Miller and Erik Cernak for Ristolainen JT Miller is a modern Jochen Hecht... a complete forward whose two way game has proven a perfect compliment to high skill players. Skinner-Eichel NEED this type of player long term, especially to free Reinhart permanently to lift another line. Miller isn’t going to wow you offensively, he’s going to do the work and get you 15 goals and 45-55 points. While limiting the liability that Skinner-Eichel is without the puck. Miller is locked in to a very nice 5.25 for 4 more years in his prime. But the key to the deal is Cernak... he’s every bit as mean and nasty as Risto without the defensive deficiencies. Sure, he’s a step down offensively but the fit is ideal. Especially when we have offensive drivers for each pair in Dahlin, Montour, Pilut. He’s a RD defensive defensemen with top pair defensive talent... I could see him on Dahlin’s pairing in a year. And if by some miracle Dahlin-Montour works as a pair, then Cernak becomes the perfect defensive compliment to anchor Pilut. its not a flashy trade... there’s no premier asset or sparkling prospect. But I think it’d be a trade we win with long term.
  7. Note Reinhart’s speed to the corner there dispelling myths
  8. That’s a theory... sure. I would say all evidence says otherwise
  9. Every great play Reinhart makes is a reminder of how big a ***** up his bridge deal was... it was the one real opportunity to get great contract locked in during this time of contract escalation
  10. And Point could command an Eichel level contract
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