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  1. Cirelli is untouchable Paquette and Erne would be interesting restricted free agent targets since Tampa will have such a tight cap next year
  2. He could’ve just protected Ullmark, and kept Carrier.
  3. Good question, dying breed William Carrier leads the league in hits by a wide margin, and is one of the most physical players in the league... but Botts gave him away. Hits: Carrier #1, Foligno #12, Kane #26, Deslauriers #27.... all players Botts got rid of. We’re soft because of him.
  4. jame

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    ROR is significantly better/more valuable than Hamilton so... ROR, McCabe, Guhle? ROR, Scandella, Nylander? ROR, Ristolainen?
  5. There’s pretty much no one else like Tom Wilson and the Capitals would never trade him. I agree, Tom Wilson is a major difference maker
  6. His in game tactics seriously strain the credulity of that statement. vlad Sobotka was on the ice down by a goal with 4 minutes left. Like the only way that’s acceptable is if 3 forwards are in the lockerroom with injuries.
  7. That’s the nightmare scenario right... one where you’ve changed every part, turned over every player, and after 11 years it turns out it was him all along.
  8. jame

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    Botts should’ve beaten Calgary’s offer.
  9. I don’t know what you think I’ve put on you?
  10. I mean... I get it, there’s a really tight knit group of old timers who converse over tea and crumpets or something (it’s a joke laugh a little). this is how everyone I’ve ever known talks about sports. At the bar, around the dinner table, in the arena... everywhere. It’s passionate and combative. No one takes offense, it’s the norm. I’m going to continue to be someone who actively participates passionately, brings different viewpoints, and gets into it when there are disagreements... I’m never going to sit down for tea and crumpets. That’s not me. So I’ll either be accepted or booted. It’s all good.
  11. Maybe, just maybe, all the folks who vote for MVP understand it’s the most valuable player TO their team (not relative to the rest of the team’s roster composition). Maybe these voters have read the plain language of the award, interpreted as it is written, and voted for Crosby’s over Tavares’s for years... and maybe you’re just wrong. nah... never mind... you’ve found the hidden meaning, that everyone else has been missing.