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  1. That's a little strong. I'm still a Bills fan. I'll do what I want to do. I'm out. Good luck.
  2. You love hockey and you live in a town that has a team with Brett Hull, Brendan Shanahan, and Curtis Joseph. You go to the Barn and get sucked into the same stuff that used to get you worked up for the Sabres. But the Barn is 8 miles away, and it's just great. You start jumping up and screaming for hockey. You cannot find the Sabres on the radio or on t.v. Your friends are Blues fans. You get caught up in it. You get sucked in. The Sabres come to town and you go to the game and root for the Sabres and the Blues win, so you're okay with that because you live here. Two years later you see the Sabres again. Blues win. You don't know who's on the Sabres team because the internet isn't fully developed yet. You buy the Sunday Buffalo News every Wednesday to try and keep up with the Sabres, but you just somehow become a St. Louis citizen and you are now a Blues fan. You wish the Sabres well, and hope they meet in the Finals. You watch the Stars play the Sabres in the Finals, and you root for the Sabres. But still you have a new team. But you still have a love in your heart for the Sabres. They struggle for a few years, and you still pay attention to them, and want them to succeed. You buy a strip of playoff tickets for the Blues, and are offered season tickets for $7.50 a game. Yes, $7.50 a game. Less than a beer. So you go to 41 games, you're in a community that loves the team. You still root for the Sabres, but now you have a home town, home team. Still a Sabres fan, but it's still a lot of work to keep up with them. And now I hope they continue to win, and I may buy the NHL package and buy in 100%. I don't know why I use 3rd person in this. But you lived in Charlotte. Carolina is in another city. If you had the same opportunity to buy season tickets in your home town, things might be different. Go Buffalo.
  3. Thank guys. I used to LOVE the Sabres. French Connection, Andrychuk, Mogilny, Hasek, Foligno, etc. I remember the fog games v Philly. Went to road games in Chicago, and back in the day when Denver had their first franchise. I go to see them whenever they are in St. Louis. I am super-psyched they are doing so well so soon. Half the people in our Bills Backer group in town have the NHL package and talk about them on Sundays. I went to many games at The Aud. Maybe it’s time to lock in. By the way, when Hull scored in the crease, I was backstage at The Joe in Detroit, watching with a bunch of stagehands. Half the room screamed “in the crease!!!” Immediately. Including me.
  4. I owe you a sincere apology. I had been a Sabres fan from their inception until I moved to St. Louis in 1992. I transitioned to becoming a Blues fan shortly after. The Sabres were never on TV, and hockey is such an emotional sport that it didn't take long to make the move. (This doesn't apply to football...I have always been and will always be a Bills fan.) A week or so ago I decided to start paying closer attention to the Sabres. The Blues are eating it right now, and the Sabres had won 10 straight games! I thought it might be time to get the NHL package and start watching the Sabres. I realized that I could listen to that evening's Sabres game on Sirius radio. I went out to the car and tuned in. The Sabres were winning 5-4 in the game against Tampa. I came in and told my wife I was going to listen to the Sabres. By the time I returned to the car, they were tied, and eventually lost the game. They have not won a game since I decided to become a follower. I have to shoulder the blame for this most recent downslide. I'm very sorry, Sabres fans. I always root for the Sabres. I was throwing crap all over the room when Edmonton won that draft lottery. But Eichel looks pretty special. And I hope that Sobotka, Berglund and Thompson work out well. I'm going to root for the Sabres as hard as I can.
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