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  1. Does this mean I get to give a **** about the Sabres again?
  2. Jack the first to congratulate Jonas for his first win. Way to lead Jack
  3. You still watch the post game PC? Bless you.
  4. You can feel it, nobody cares anymore. They expect the stink. Not good...
  5. I remember when I used to actually feel like that...over a decade ago.
  6. Yep, we are not a good team. Just wait until next year! pfff
  7. FFS Hutts is just too easy to score on up top.
  8. Little bit too much spare time there bud...
  9. 1 Buffalo win down, 1 Buffalo win to go! GO BILLS!!!!!
  10. Pulled that out of our butts. Can I relax my sphincter now?
  11. I'm still nervous they could blow this with 2:05 left...
  12. Most of our nancies would cry and skate off the ice anyway, then have the nhlpa sue JK for making them feel bad.
  13. We have such a bright future, once Luukkonen developes... Patience people.
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