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  1. At least I didn't waste another month or 2 this year. Last year it took until Jan. for me to not give a *****. I am already at that point now. Botterill needs to be fired.
  2. Sabres have a special talent for allowing fluke goals...
  3. Sadly no, I shoot blanks now, just like the Sabres.
  4. SMFH I could have watched porn for 2 1/2 hours and felt more productive.
  5. WTF Its like Jack gave up on that play in their zone.
  6. I can't believe I spent the last 2 hours watching this... Who is more pathetic, the Sabres...or Me???
  7. I remember signs in the Aud,"Korab Eats Clarke Bars" during the playoffs with the Flyers in the 70's
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