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  1. Introducing undrafted defenseman Arber Xhekaj. He was feeding Zack so many rights that Kassian was begging for a left. https://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/n265616
  2. He registered zero give aways last night, but your guy Casey had two glaring turnovers in the defensive zone.
  3. Cozens>Asplund>JJP>Krebs>TT = Skinner= VO > Quinn.
  4. Still on west coast time, and get the pleasure of spending time with family in the 716. @Donny - please move Alex to FL1. Migratory Watching.
  5. What was wrong with the call? Reilly tried glove it to himself but never played the puck, so after touched by another Leaf player, how is it not a pass?
  6. Agree on the 7k estimate. Swaths of empty seats in the 100’s. Visiting the parents with my son this week, so I did a kids day purchase. My ticket was $39 and $15 for my son. Then made our way to section 119 for the 3rd period. One the reasons I had to leave the 300s was an annoying spotlight that was blinding me every 60 seconds. WTF, why?
  7. Agreed. But it’s consistently a struggle for those D men not name Dahlin to exit a zone. What is the best fancy stat site to rate zone exits? Dahlin must be above average and the others below.
  8. I agree with almost all of this….except Mitts. I thought his advanced metrics were deceiving, and he didn’t drive play at all, like Cozens did. Thought he gave up the puck too often (5 times), and had only one quality SOG. Others were weak. His lack of speed is concerning. His contributions on the PP were lacking. Also agree with mentions upthread and you about Tuch back with Tage.
  9. Tuch was in the room for what 3/4 of a year? If Z is doing all the things that are right, then it follows the longest tenured Sabre has a letter. It’s possible Mule has greater leadership skills than Rasmus. Evidenced by his being named Captain of his team as a sophomore in college. But Rasmus maintains the ‘A’ based on experience. Not just on skill. Tuch is a good candidate next year if Z is not re-signed.
  10. Maybe KA thought it better to build confidence in another goalie within the organization. Comrie is also the UFA/new guy. Message could have been ‘show me something’. The bar of expectations was extremely low based on the pairings. Do you think he cleared it?
  11. Kumerow still with ankle sprain and McKenzie in concussion protocol. Could see T. Austin off practice squad and Shakir getting significant snaps.
  12. They can be proud of the fact they beat a top 4 team in the AFC, on the road, when trailing by 17 in the first half. Ugly, and undeserved, but a comeback victory nonetheless. That is something you can build on. The Bills were on the receiving end of two huge calls by the officials to help them secure a victory. A phantom Roughing the passer penalty in the 4th and a no-call on PI to end first half. Amazing how these type calls go to good teams. They are appropriately 3-1.
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