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  1. Housley in the post game press conference...."I thought we had a real strong second period but the bounces just didn't go our way in the third."
  2. Perhaps KO's frustration with his own play led him to get physical thinking that would show him in a more positive light with HCPH? Poor judgement on his part regardless. Also, could this be why Jack is gliding around the ice, because he is using better judgement, protecting himself from further damage?
  3. I would argue that the Sabres are rudderless and lack a true consistent leader.
  4. It may be a bit too early to say but the pressure is definitely building on Jack. We all can sense it. He's definitely talented and the best player on the team right now but there is no way he should be it's captain. This team has no captain.
  5. It sure seems like Jack is still not 100% since this UBI or concussion. It's been described on this board that at times it appears Jack is "floating" around the ice. Is he playing scared and trying to avoid taking another hit rather that focusing on playing a strong two way game? Thoughts?
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