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  1. It’s actually written “with”, not win 🙂 So my original reply is upheld. 😎
  2. Didnt the Bills have a playoff game 2 years ago.... lost to the Jaguars?
  3. Die Hard

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I don't disagree with you. Those are all logical points. And I'm not THAT much of an NHL nut to know which teams can currently afford that salary. But what I do know.... is that team's always find a way. How the Leafs cleared all those terrible contracts a few years ago was mind-numbing. But I've been a fan of professional sports for 10+ years. And the one constant I always see is bloated contracts... based on history (more than projection) for older players that produced in the past.... or maxing out every year based on that player's best statistical year. Let's be honest..... Jack didn't deserve $10/year up to this point. Giving it to him had a lot of nuance to it... but always in the player's favor. Especially when it comes to Free Agency. And 40-goal scorers... regardless of how... are a rare commodity in this league now. Somebody is going to over-pay.... there's hardly ever good value contracts any longer.
  4. Die Hard

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    If you forego the extra year... and pick up the extra $1M/year in the contract (which is the difference between $8M and $9M)... then the total overall contract could be the same amount (minus a year). Would Skinner care? He played himself into this contract. He wanted to the audition going into this contract year... and his best bet was to go to a Buffalo team that was a cellar dweller and get guaranteed first-line play with a bonafide center. I think that was his motivation.... than caring for the actual franchise 🙂 And I think at this point in his career.... once he gets the contract he wants (maxes out), I don't think he cares who's paying it - regardless of what team he wants to play for, who he'll be playing with. And I think as a 45-goal scorer.... teams would make room if they had to. Seems like we're the only team that can't seem to unload any contracts.
  5. Die Hard

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I understand that. I would anticipate that. But the implications of that outcome would be to the detriment of the team. Because if that's truly the case.... then Skinner has ALL the leverage in contract negotiations. It handcuffs the team.... and that contract will inevitably be an albatross that we ALL resent in a few years, at our own doing. I remember hearing on WGR that a source said that Skinner wanted $9.5M/year to skip FA. If that's true... I don't recall any numbers I've read on this board higher than $8. Maybe $8.5. But if Skinner is hardlining... and it's $9.5 or nothing.... is that a firm no?!
  6. That forward grouping is brutal. It really exposes this team’s depth outside of Jack. That defensive grouping is pretty damn solid though. Let’s hope the Sabres can sneak out a victory as underdogs.
  7. It’s a home game. The Sabres are a very strong home team. The team will come out blazing tonight.
  8. Is that the Harry Potter version of our logo? 🤣
  9. Die Hard

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Barrasso was my first NHL idol — Jeremy Roenek my second. My first pro sports team jersey - kind of a big deal. I had a very hard time letting go - considered switching allegiance - when he got traded to the Penguins. I still followed Pittsburgh with my peripheral vision.... and when they won a few cups in was hard not to feel like I missed out. But I don’t recall the 5-hole stuff. That’s kinda funny though.
  10. The guy apparently has a dark cloud following him around. I wonder if he ever ponders if it’s just him. Its like Kevin Love. Good player (stats-wise) on crappy teams.... but missing the ingredient to raise the team performance. It took Lebron James to overcome his misfortune, and he was still widely criticized for being an anchor for those Cavs teams.
  11. My wife asked me if that was appropriate.
  12. Scandella is a really non-descript Defenceman. What is his strength? What does he bring to the team? He looks like a 3rd pairing guy.... or even a 7th.
  13. Ha. Sabres have outplayed the Canadiens.
  14. They’ve outplayed them in the 3rd.
  15. Erod is a good player. His shot is weak though and non-threatening. Too many shots far out, with no rebounds.