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  1. I truly believe that 4 on 4, with that much open ice, one of the best players on the team is Gerbe. He didn't sniff OT.


    Gerbe was hurt but like Rivet this could be a blessing. Someone earlier said that this line has provided good effort, but I don't see it. Gerbe is terrible. Seriously, for a small guy, I need you producing points. Not only has he not done that, he's easily knocked off the puck and looks lost out there. Might be time he sits on the bench and Adam gets called back up whether he's healthy or not....

  2. What exactly was wrong with Atlanta's goaltender? Mason made something like 38 saves and was the third star of the game.


    I agree with this point. The team in front of Mason was horrible, but without him I think that game could have been alot more out of hand then what it ended up.

  3. Good win last night. Although the scoreboard read 4-1, IMO that game could of ended 7 or 8 - 1. They absolutely dominated from beginning to end. If I had a critisim it would be that again there were many chances that were not being burried. We have 'depth' scoring, but other than Vanek there's no one really who can be counted on to score with any consistancy. Speaking of Vanek, did anyone catch the quick look to the heavens after he scored? Great to see!

  4. All I need to see is they beat Ducks and SJ on the end of a 4 game roadtrip to know they are for real and playing a different brand of hockey however it should not matter if this team is serious about playing to win.


    True, and they did beat Washington earlier this year. Still, it's a game we need to have.

  5. I'm going out and saying a must win game. Thrashers don't have many players on that team that scare me. Sabres could be more focused on the road. If there was ever a turnaround game it looks like this could be it. Wouldn't be surprised by a three or four goal win. Hope I'm not wrong, we need this one badly....

  6. Well, apparantly the weather is suppose to be great this weekend. My complaint? I can't enjoy it because I am getting married in May and my wife to be is a Catholic. Therefore we have to take a 'marriage course'. I know, some might say about how important it is but we've been together for over four years, lived together for two, communicate well and have a great relationship. Now I'm going to listen to a priest tell me how to act in a relationship. Oh and the kicker, it's 830 until 9 on sat and 830 until 5 on sun......

  7. I'll comment on the weather as well. You work all year long to get the odd long weekend. So you finally get that weekend and plan a big camping trip. Weather report - Friday Thundershowers, Saturday possibility of thundershowers, Sunday issolated showers



  8. After that performance we should be happy with the one point. Miller almost single handedly got it for us. Aside from the later stages of the third and maybe the overtime this team looked pretty bad. Oh well, take the point and let's beat them in our house on wed

  9. By my calcs, BFLO is playing a pretty good 3rd... Outshooting the B's 10-7 or so...




    The first two BOS goals... Were any "soft?"


    If so... I can logically swap that one for the one you guys sad was spectacular...


    The goal that Boston got with a second left was more lucky then soft. It was a fluke for sure. Let's winner in overtime!

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