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  1. It's Henrique's contract right (to '23-24)? Or should I also not be in favor of the player? On the surface, seems Kase + Henrique would solve a lot of problems.
  2. I agree with you, but I don't see why this has to be. Watching other teams (I'm thinking specifically of the Bruins ), it simply doesn't matter when Tim Schaller is on the ice. They still carry play. I'm not sure if it is development, bad FA choices, or just the system they run, but for the past decade the Sabres 3rd and 4th lines have consistently gotten caved in. To me, that's the biggest difference between where the Sabres are and where they should be. When Moulson/Sobotka/Deslaurier/Legwand get a shift, not giving up a goal is a fantastic outcome. This must change, immediately. Even if the
  3. Yup. If Botts isn't getting a 2C in offers now, would you go as far as Mitts + Risto for a decent 2C?
  4. Ruby Slipper and Cochon Butcher are fantastic choices. I'm seeing you are short on time, but you must also visit frenchmen st. The Spotted Cat, cash only!
  5. Data/evidence has been provided to support pushing Risto down the defensive pairings (or trading him altogether), does ignoring it over and over again work? Follow the data!
  6. RF - May sound weird coming from a posting newb, but your reemergence has a similar impact on my Sabrespacing as an offer sheet to Marner. Welcome back ***wipes away tears***
  7. All hope is not lost. Boston constantly finds mediocre players (Tim Schaller anyone?) who when on the ice do not get caved in at even strength. They aren't the only ones. If Buffalo signs Skinner, you have a solid nucleus of players who actually drive possession and scoring chances. It SHOULD be easy to fill out a roster and even use a few Amerks in lieu of high priced FA and again not have the ice tilt towards your goalie. My strategy would look to add a few average FA but also sprinkle in short term contracts with very high salaries. This wouldn't work for Skinner, but for other short term f
  8. I have had this event on my radar for the past few months and was asked multiple times by my son to attend. $100+ per seat? Absolutely no way. This is the same as the world juniors, there's not enough people who will throw away 200 bucks on a curiosity. And I'm not advocating for a 10 dollar seat...Just make it reasonable and remember not one of these "amateur athletes" receives a dollar from the sale!
  9. Innovate! The number 1 question should be whether or not you will use unconventional advantages (#FancyStats). If not, what would be your reasoning. You can justify players, lineups using analytics, you should be tasked with doing the same if you ignore them. If they pass the first question, then my next is how else can you increase odds of victory? In other words, not only should the sabres use all of the current strategies related to lineups, player usage, etc but in order to win big you must innovate. Tampa is dunking on everyone right now, and by the time you employ the same strategy the g
  10. By continuing to ignore the field of analytics and using data to inform on player usage, the sabres are handing the competition an advantage. This plays out in player acquisition, deployment and strategy. In each of these areas, the local hockey team is ignoring essentially free tools out of stubbornness. And as management rolls out their latest faith-based (they believe, culture, etc) strategies on coaching hires and player development it drives me to separate myself from them.
  11. Agree with the first few lines, but am concerned it is NOT for development. Rather management thinks Sobotka, Larson, Girgs, Tage's are better players. Otherwise, why are they consistently out during the end of the game? Why also is Nelson (who could use playing time) sitting?
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