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  1. Worse yet - they're from Bahstan
  2. 2011 I became interested. The Wild drafted my nephew in the 6th round (161 overall) that year. He’s A goalie. The Sabres took a netminder with their 167th selection. My family - Buffalo through and through - have often wondered had he not gone to Minny......
  3. They're good? now? I don't even recognize their lineup.
  4. Gotta be playoffs, right? Get your foot in the door.
  5. No idea. I get up there occasionally and walk the shops. Didn't remember coming across it. I'll me my eyes open next time. Love that area.
  6. Not a fan of DD. Though I'll have a dunkachino occasionally.
  7. Downtown near the green or closer to Rte 9?
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