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  1. B - Bowman: simply the master B - Bill Barber: A Flyer great! I met him in Springfield, MA. He was GM of Springfield AHL club. I went up to his box and started story telling about watching him beat my beloved Sabres in '75 for the cup. He was astounded by my telling him this story. I will never forget.
  2. So, in theory, we've purchased all these goals. Inquiring minds want to know the exchange rate whence we play in the Canadian division.
  3. What do they do when this approach doesn't work? They're running out of excuses.
  4. Yeah - I haven't quite followed it myself these past 2 decades.
  5. "Thorny - you have Reinhart on line 2......Thorny, line 2"
  6. Agree - he played both shaken and stirred in his last playoff appearance. Apologies to Thorny for his beating me to the Imlach. Maybe - I've never met him. The King? I've seen him. vavavoom!
  7. Ok - but King Henrik is clearly more debonair.
  8. yessir. Not at all surprised TR was shown the door. That team underachieved, no? They needed to get to a conference final, imo.
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