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  1. 3 hours ago, steveoath said:

    Is the quoted part from LL? Isn't it him that signs off on the term/aav?

    It's being reported, and CapFriendly is already listing it (they're pretty good about waiting on the details), at 8 x $8.5M AAV.  That's market price for a point-per-game and 30-goal scorer...  but he's already at 30 goals this year. I think Horvat left money on the table as well as the choice of as many as 10 teams including the Isles. I'm not sure why he didn't wait until summer to see what he could land, especially if he stays hot and guides the Isles to the playoffs with a 50-goal campaign. Or worse, for Horvat, if the Isles fall apart and now have an old and overpaid roster and he's trapped there with his NTC and Lou retires or gets let go at the end of this season.

  2. Last night's Amerks' box score is a fascinating 2023-era read. Belleville has the interim coach and it's feisty. Multiple "continuing altercation" misconducts called, multiple bench minors for unsportsmanlike, multiple roughing calls...   Not a single fight.

    Through it all, Captain Mersch steps up and scores 2 to take the lead (they'd then give up the tying goal before winning in OT).

  3. 1 hour ago, That Aud Smell said:

    This is really just a definitional problem. Just define that 85% as 100%, and, boom, problem solved.

     Christopher Guest Lol GIF by Maudit

    But if you redefine your 85% to 100%, how will you possibly compete with the players that are already giving 110%? They'll be giving... like... 125%.


  4. 42 minutes ago, John Tucker said:

    What might a trade for Vladislav Gavrikov cost?  I know he would likely be a rental, but I wouldn't think his trade value would be anywhere near Chychrun.  

    I know what I'll say sounds crazy, but he's a solid defensive d-man on a bad team. CBJ will look at the absurd Chiarot deal last year and start the asking price at a 1st. Some playoff-bound team (Florida last year had the President's Trophy and was happy to go all-in with a late 1st) could do it. The Sabres would likely have to give up their highest 2nd and a mid prospect.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Flashsabre said:

    I have seen in 3 or 4 different place people calling for Sabres to trade for Brock Boeser.

    My question is Why? I have never watched him play and come away impressed at all. 

    Boeser is fine. Middle 6 guy (mostly 2nd line) who is a consistent scorer but leaves you wanting more from an aggression/checking aspect considering he's over 200#. Stafford-like. He had 29 and 26 goals in sub-70 game seasons early on and got locked up to an Okposo contract. He'll get you 45-60 points every season which is solid production, but he hasn't ever taken the next step like Tuch has done, despite playing with Pettersson quite a bit.

    I don't think you make a move for him because you'd want more defense and plays-to-his-size than Boeser has shown in his career.

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  6. 39 minutes ago, klos1963 said:

    Yep, take away a bunch of his goals and he'll have a lot fewer goals.

    Hey, my math checks out. 😇

    The main point was the 3W with similar career scoring output (VO has often slotted top 6 and even top line), whereas Beauvillier has been consistent middle 6 where VO should always be. Same term remaining and middle 6 salaries. VO is the closest match on our current roster.

  7. Just now, LGR4GM said:

    Say what now?

    I think by cap hit/contact similarity, 3rd line wingers.

    VO 4.75 through next season UFA; Beauvillier 4.15 through next season UFA. VO obviously provides more goals.

    2 minutes ago, dudacek said:

    Sorry was Olofsson 6 weeks ago 😁 

    Aha. Yes, remove VO's hot streak and he'd look quite similar stat-wise.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Flashsabre said:

    The Sabres have the toughest league schedule the rest of the way. Red Wings are second.

    They will have to earn it but they will be much better off for the playoffs if they do.

    BUF and DET both still have two games remaining vs. Boston. I'm guessing 38-7-5 (x2, so 76-14-10) adds a couple tenths of winning percentage to that strength of schedule just on those two games alone. Buffalo already had all 3 (only 3) games against Montreal. There are tough stretches, but nothing horrific remaining (like early in the with @CAR, @TB, ARZ, VGK, BOS all in 7 days).

    I'm not worried about the strength of opponents' schedule.

  9. Was watching the NFC championship game and it's first time I saw this one. You know what else the Sabres lost when they lost Will Borgen in the expansion draft? His ability to be a billboard.

    Also, props to the mic setup (or foley artist) to get some serious crunchiness on the pads.


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  10. 4 hours ago, sabrefanday1 said:

    Another Vegas loss and another game of no points for Jack...our 2nd round pick of theirs is looking better every day!

    After Eichel's third-period hat trick against the Sabres, the Knights were 13-2 and on pace with Boston at the top of the standings. Since then, they're 16-16-4... not a playoff pace. Eichel was re-cursed by Buffalo. Curse onward!

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