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  1. I think Robinson will look energetic and engaged (provided he's in the lineup). But I also think that the lack of defensive awareness by the forwards is going to lead to a couple rush goals (Skinner let his guy go by last game; Pasta did the same thing to him in the first matchup). 

    Either Levi stonewalls them and we see a 3-2 final (winner undetermined) or this one gets away from them early once more. Boston could shut it down in the 3rd and still win by 6.

  2. 10 hours ago, inkman said:

    No there really aren’t many options for bottom 6 players in Rochester.   Murray has the size but has cement skates, Weissbach is a tiny scorer, Kozak (everyone’s future Mike Peca 🤪) brings zero offense in the AHL,  Nadeau is a few years away, everyone else is either all offense or an ECHL talent.  

    Yup. Their only real bottom 6 option from Rochester this season is Rousek. He didn't look out of place when the Sabres were rolling last season and Granato trusted him on the ice to close out a win only a few weeks ago.

    The only other person I think you could list is Cederqvist as a cup of coffee reward and skate him for 5 protected minutes.

    9 hours ago, GASabresIUFAN said:

    This is a garbage trade for a garbage player. At least we didn't give up a 3rd rd pick (Bloom) like we did for the great Stillman.  

    Why does this GM always shop from the discount rack or garbage bin?  This is just another acquisition of crap depth for a team desperate for a real shot in the arm and it is another in a long line of acquisitions over the last 3 seasons that failed to materially improve the team (Anderson, Dell, Subban, Comrie, Lyubushkin, Greenway, E Johnson, Clifton, Stillman, Clague, Pysyk, Butcher, Hinostroza, and Jankowski).   

    Don't besmirch the Butcher! His trade turned into Vsevelod Komarov. 😇

    8 hours ago, Pimlach said:

    EJ and Girgs will be in demand. 

    Because he signed up for the E,E, and E method.  

    I don't like the EEE method for my sports teams.

  3. If the Sabres organization had a guy like this in the system (late 20s AHL/NHL tweener) who has some wheels, kills penalties, and throws 1.5+ hits/game, he would have been the ideal call-up when Girgs got hurt. Then this move would have been logical and... fine. And when you waive him back to the Amerks he passes through no problem, just like Robinson did for the Jackets a month ago.

    But it's a move that's 2-3 weeks too late and the organization doesn't have anyone like this to call up in a bottom 6 role in the first place.

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  4. This is a classic case of, "remember that guy who was great against us? super tough to play against?". Last season, the Sabres blew the stuffing out of the Jackets in the TNT 6-goal game. The Blue Jackets won the revenge-game rematch, mainly because of this guy (and a hot goalie). 3 goals (1 ENG) and 3 hits; he was buzzing all game. Of course, he did it against an inconsistent, super-soft Sabres squad. So... great, he's automatically one of the toughest guys in the league by GM Sheevyn's standards.

    On the positive-spin side, Robinson did have 10+ goals in back-to-back seasons in a bottom 6 role with Columbus, so maybe... just maybe... he helps the 4th line to do something (anything) for a few months. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery.

    I also nominate him for the "join the team, get in a fight the first game to show you're the new sheriff in town; we're not soft anymore!" fight next game. I call it The Jost.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Hank said:

    Interesting analogy on torts, I like it. 

    I agree with you about ROR. I don't think he lost his love for the game, I don't think he hated being in Buffalo, I think he hated some of his teammates. 

    I think he simply was frustrated by yet another wheel-spinning bad season and was emotional during a locker cleanout session. [I don't know if he ever officially or unofficially requested a trade, as we've learned Eichel had.] I think if you give him a summer to cool off, he comes back refreshed and ready to go in the fall and is a great 2C, 1C when you need a faceoff or are trailing, to Eichel's up-and-coming stardom. You can still add Skinner that offseason with ROR's contract.

    Research, research, research. Not sure if it's enough to.... what year, what year, what year...  to save Housley's job, though.

    Damn. This team went through coaches/GMs so fast these past 10 years. I can't keep up.

  6. 4 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

    I thought Hulu games are also on ESPN+.  I get them.

    I think this is advertised as such. Or vice versa.

    I got them as a Disney bundle a couple years ago so I'm not really sure. But I typically watch my ESPN games via Hulu.

  7. Given Benson's arrival and barring any trades, I hold out hope that we'll see this lineup for at least 1 game in January. Not gritty, but proven pair combos (Quinn-Cozens, Skinner-TNT, Mitts-anyone) while Quinn gets back up to speed (and maybe jumpstarts Cozens).

    Skinner - TNT - Tuch
    Peterka - Mitts - Greenway
    Benson - Cozens - Quinn
    Girgensons - Krebs - Rousek

  8. 6 hours ago, thewookie1 said:

    Of our GMs we have had 

    Murray - overly aggressive, lacked interpersonal skills for the team’s roster, wore blinders in terms of players he wanted to acquire

    Botts - overly cautious with locking in best players, baffling trade valuations

    Adams - overly cautious as a whole, likely overly receptive to ownership’s ideas

    I still believe that if GMTM had been capable of human interaction, the team he was assembling would have made the playoffs. Sure, the coach probably needs to be able to tell him to move on from a couple knuckleheads, but the team's construction looks decent in hindsight with another couple decent drafts (particularly if you negate that McNabb for D-Lo/Fasching trade because you already have Foligno and Carrier). But then Botts came in and went completely anti-grit, rather than filling out the remaining roster holes. 

    5 hours ago, Pimlach said:

    They have no use for Skinner either and feel that his scoring does not overcome the rest of his game.  I tend to disagree,  I see is Skinner is one of the few feisty players and he has improved his two-way game although he does get into the lazy doldrums - the entire team does.    

    Rivet wants a veteran partner for Power that will help him and teach him.  Power's soft play was a big subject.  

    I won't listen to it (I've heard a few ATWs and don't really need too much more of their time), so thank you @Pimlach for the recap. I do want to speak to these two items above.

    Yes. Power needs a Tallinder, and preferably a Tallinder with some snarl. Honestly, this could be EJ, but it means you need to be willing to play Power fewer minutes. Like 18 minutes (including his PP time). And with a D-corp as young as they have, it means your one of your other pairs needs to be the rock... which means Muel/Dahlin and Muel needs to also be a rock-solid veteran which he isn't this year.

    Skinner. I said it a couple years ago now, but I still believe that Skinner is going to be gone when this team is good. Possibly in order for this team to be good. It's like when Carolina drafted Svechnikov and said... yup, Skinner's a 2-3W and now we've got Svech. Adios, Jeff! Not only is Svechnikov better, but he also is willing to get physical to provide himself space. If Skinner was Angry/Pest Skinner every game, he'd be amazing. But he only plays that way once every couple weeks. And not great on the PP or defensively, as been covered exhaustively. I think you buyout the final 2 years of his contract because Quinn/Benson/other will be taking his playing time. This doesn't address the bottom 6 issues though.

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