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  1. I was doing some research and discovered that the team that is winning during the 2nd intermission has ~80% chance of coming away with 2 points. During the Sabres 6 game winning streak, they trailed entering the 3rd in 5 of the 6 games (Tampa Bay was the lone exception). Winning 6 straight alone is an impressive feat. Winning 6 straight playing with your backs against the wall really makes me think this team has what it takes to make an extended run. Note the odds of winning 5 consecutive games when trailing entering the 3rd is about 3100 to 1.
  2. Goal 1 from Montreal was autrocious. Should be a routine save.
  3. Ryan Miller was always a weak goalie IMO. He was forever overrated. Goalie is a political position and he fit into coaching politics well. Goalies who are deemed starters or high draft picks maintain their status as long as they are average or better. Ryan Miller was average who was expected to be good, but never got there.
  4. A handful of games and practice is not a fair assessment. His past in game peformance deserves more playing time. As a parent of a goalie, a hot goalie who makes one or two key saves could be the difference in momentum and swing the whole game in other direction. I have seen both sides of the coin too much. Hasek almost didn’t get the opportunity back in the day. Not saying Ullmark is Hasek, but I have seen enough of him to think he warrants more starts. Once given the opportunity, he may be the best goalie we’ve had this millennium (which isn’t saying much).
  5. Can someone tell me why Ullmark has not been given a fair shake to start? Every time they have brought him up over the past few years he has been stellar. Then in the off-season, they go and bring in an average journeyman goalie to be the starter. Albeit he is an upgrade over Lehner (which I never understood that signing), I don’t believe he nearly as good as Ullmark. This team has been failing over the past few seasons badly as a result of bad play combined with bad goaltending. If we want a playoff team we need to give a fair shot to a young goalie who is a potential all-star, not a known commodity who will play .500 hockey.
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