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  1. Nice, havent seen this event in years.... how long has it been? Last time I attended I met Marty Biron during his emergency callups back wen he was still #00. Every autograph I get from him even to this day I ask for #00, he enjoys it.
  2. It was frustrating hearing the chants and seeing the large leaf population in the lower bowl. felt like an away game when their goal cheers were much louder than the home team, minus the horns and music of course. Was anyone at the game last night that can comment on what it was like being there? Is our lower bowl also corporate or just not die-hard enough STH's that prefer to sell em off? Is anyone aware of tactics other teams are using to prevent this? I'd love to see a no-resale policy but i know thats an unachievable utopian dream.
  3. I live about 4 hours east, but grew up in Akron/Middleport, so occasionally I click the odd article but generally just the sports portion in terms of this discussion. Is the amount of content roughly the same between them? I'm gathering the atheletic is the better option, but I'll admit Wildcard's post does strike a point, I prefer a lot of content but at the same time want to throw my monitor through a wall when I start reading one of those bleacher report articles. Hoping the athletics pieces are not all large in depth pieces. I see athletic does a trial but it doesn't look like that is an option for the $29.99 1st year deal. Has the news improved recently since the turnover? didn't some of the writers that were less popular end up at athletic? I appreciate everyone's time on the matter, some of the analysis and predictions you guys have is better than most of the writing i find anyways, but it only comes in one sentence at a time 🙂
  4. BN looks to be $6/mo first year where athletic I can get down to $2.49/mo for the first year. Which would you pick? While the cheaper cost looks nice on athletic, I do want the most bang for the buck. Looking for both Sabres and Bills coverage.
  5. I lurk these forums, participating once every few years when a topic stirs such passion in me I cannot idly watch my viewpoint go unrepresented. While my viewpoint for this issue is indeed well represented in this instance, I still felt it necessary to state that Buffalo style pizza has ruined me. Every pizza I even consider elsewhere is met with the fears that it will be no where near as good as buffalo pizza. Every time I am bitterly disappointed and find myself longing for another slice of the delicious nirvana of a middle of a buffalo sheet. When I travel to the area I over-purchase and freeze it, however it has a half life of about 2 days. While I've read a few but not all pages, I have not seen my usual haunt mentioned, Picasso's on Transit. Convenient on/off the thruway for my travels. As much as I love my family in the area, I suppose I would be torn if I was asked whether I was visiting for the pizza or the family. I have often opined that Buffalo pizza is indeed worthy of being enshrined as a true regional specialty and I am glad that there is a movement afoot to affirm that. I hope and pray that some day that a "buffalo pizza joint" may be as common in our national travels as chicago, NY or even california style pizza. Bless you buffalo pizza and those that support it.
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