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  1. The situation is key now, I agree. It is improving, I believe, but you are right that unless there are great strides made organization wide then we can't expect Rasmus or any of the young up and comers to come up.
  2. Because he is 21 and playing on the worst team in the NHL. None of our players look like they belong in the NHL. NONE!!
  3. 24 Stanley Cups in a hundred year history. That is 1 every 4 years, give or take, on average. The most recent in 1993 ... close to 30 years ago. I am surprised that the fans are not rioting. They have rioted over less in the past. Final appearances mean nothing to the Habs and their fans. Gorton is not French. The GM will be French Canadian. Maybe Briere will be a good choice, but he will be facing the savage media and the fans even if Gorton is calling all the shots.
  4. I think that people are too harsh with Dahlin. He is very young and does not have anyone to mentor him in the NHL. He will be fine. Finer than fine. Look at all the all time great D men. All but Orr took many years to become what they became. It will be a big mistake for the Sabres to give up on him at this point. He will very likely become our Potvin. Do I need to remind you all how things worked out for the Islanders with Potvin as Captain. He was drafted 1st overall in 1973. In 1980 he Captained the Islanders to the first of four cups in a row.
  5. I agree with everything you said here. Especially the deleting of the thread. If you knew then what you know now you would not have started the thread. Of that I am sure. It was not a bad thread, but the timing was such that most would not have posted in it. The bottom line is many feel that Dan is not doing a great job, but we all are comparing him to one of the all-time greats. Now is not the time to air the grievances.
  6. You can take issues with posters here and what they post etc. I don't think anyone should question another fan's motivation for following a team, nor call anyone not a real fan.
  7. No one should deny that the team is actually looking much more like a team than at any other point since 2015.
  8. This is great news. Finally we are rid of the stray kids. I suppose we can't blame them for following the wrong crowd when the effort to bring in quality leaders was followed with the bringing in of the exact opposite and much younger, so the youth gravitated to Bogo and Kane instead of Gionta and Jorges.
  9. Linus is not coming back. No way. No how. The Sabres have moved on (sort of) and so must we.
  10. You have visitors from the tropical island of Cape Breton, New Scotland !! Cool !!
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