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  1. How does LB remind you of 1996? 3 Dollar Bill didn’t come out until 97, and Significant Other came out in 99
  2. What does Prince Edward Island have to do with anything?
  3. Where is the dude that’s been saying all season that the Bills suck? Is he still posting here?
  4. I’m very disappointed that the person that got 10,000 something can’t even take the time to acknowledge the thread about them.
  5. Probably a league or 3 below wherever the Sabres found Joe Finley.
  6. I’ve been trying to find a Super Chexx Bubble Hockey with RJ as the announcer for years, but these suckers want like $3,000 for one. As if they are stuck in Covid Containers off the California Coast or somethin’
  7. What a lousy debut for Tuch. It’s like when they left the lamb out for the T-Rex, and everyone sat there bored in their Jurassic Park Jeeps.
  8. Macintosh computers and floppy disks just aren’t a great recipe for meme-making bruh.
  9. The guy was playing a position he’s never played in his life, at the last minute. Give him a break. He’s had 4 penalties all season before being asked to play a different position at the last minute. Spence will be fine.
  10. Your goal memes could be better anyways.
  11. Every Monday, I have to deal with a smattering of customers that are largely Packers, Raiders, Browns, Pats, and Giants fans. Fans that were neutral to the game last night. All of them said that the Bills got jobbed by the officiating. Sad. Also, I don’t know who all of these Brady fans are that the NFL is trying to placate to, because I don’t know anyone who actually is a fan of his.
  12. I saw a play in the first half where Diggs’ jersey was grabbed and stretched like 20 feet, but nothing was called. This was with the Bills losing. I could see where the officiating was going, and decided to not watch anymore. Sounds like there was yet ANOTHER missed call involving Diggs with the game on the line. Glad I missed it. If the refs weren’t going to make a call against the Bucs earlier in the game, they DEFINITELY weren’t going to make a call against them late in the game. The league is VERY biased, and it’s blatant and inexcusable. I can understand missing calls here and there, but there’s like 475 cameras watching everything. It’s not just the Bills games, either.
  13. Solid game. JJP, Krebs, and Samuelsson looked good in particular.
  14. JJP just threw a major hit and didn’t back down from the ensuing scrum. Niceeeeee
  15. People crapping on Dahlin is becoming old and busted. Stop running every talented player out of town just because they aren’t a savior. It’s a team effort. New hottness: find something positive in what’s going on. I know it’s hard, but FFS stop blaming a 21 year old on the teams woes. Lidstrom didn’t win a Norris until he was like 30, and then he won like 17 of them.
  16. Buffalo Boners, if you really want to be clever with marketing.
  17. No. There’s no alliteration there, not acceptable. And not inclusive of our Canadian fanbase. Buffalo Binationals has the better ring to it.
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