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  1. If I remember he was also the OHL MVP too
  2. And PK Suban to the Devils they are going to be good this year
  3. We took a Goalie Erik Portillo
  4. FYI Reddit has a stream for the draft. I’m watching on my iPad.
  5. I was thinking he looks like Loki
  6. Another D looks like some O will fall to us.
  7. No. Take out Mittelstadt or 7 and replace with low lvl prospect or a 4th rounder then I would.
  8. I like those changes. I think the NHL is doing a good job with the rules for safety and integrity of the game. Except the last one. PUCK OUT OF BOUNDS: When the attacking team is responsible for the puck going out of play in the attacking zone, in all instances, the face-off will be conducted at one of the two face-off dots in the attacking zone. i could see teams taking advantage of this and intentionally putting a puck out of play if they are out of place to reset.
  9. http://www.sabresprospects.com/2019/06/buffalo-sabres-2019-draft-preview.html?m=1 Kris Bakers 2019 draft preview for those interested
  10. I agree and it should be. He was the best rookie during the whole regular season.
  11. Sadly those things are delicious. It pained me to enjoy them and they are so cheap.
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