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  1. I had it in 2017 and it was $35. It can be found now but that’s a pretty standard price from what I have seen. The 12 YO was $40. I am happy I tried it but I think their is better for less than half the cost.
  2. It’s about $75 a bottle right now. I agree that’s it’s good but a tad overpriced.
  3. I bought a Jersey and hat of this off the bisons site yesterday. Hope they look good
  4. I guess that’s the prove it deal and make sure he is what we seen from his fast start.
  5. Will he waive his MNTC of 15 teams he doesn’t want to go to is also a question. He might screw us and say no to Seattle and we’ll have to protect him.
  6. Sabres liked: Ray, Hasek, Geoff Sanderson Other teams like: P. Kane, Ovechkin, Bure Hated: Marchant, Crosby, Lindros
  7. This is the way I see it. They can all play center in a pinch and Reinhart runs the line from the wing and let Mitts learn on the fly for another season. Love this pickup for the cost and term.
  8. The Swannie I remember that place. Great wings and bar food with cold beer. Are the taking credit yet. My dad would also park on the street their when we would go to the Sabres games.
  9. Or they could do something like the NBA free agency where who ever drafts the player or owns his rights can offer more money or the same pay in minors as the NHL then if they go the free agent route. So if the player really wants to play somewhere else it will cost them money.
  10. Tom Kurvers Robb Stauber Brian Holzinger Chris Drury Ryan Miller Jordan Leopold Kevin Porter Jack Eichel Jimmy Vesey
  11. After reading this. No cap thanks for the info
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