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  1. I agree that the game probably would of gotten out of control. The players on the ice barely reacted to the hit and when they did they had words with a different player. You shouldn’t call a 5 plus game bc your worried that the game will get out of hand. If it does that’s when you start handing out 5 and 10 minute misconducts. We will truly know what the NHL thinks maybe hides behind if DOPS gets involved.
  2. Then why didn’t they call it on Stasney the one that drove him to the ice. They also didn’t even call it till they seen he was hurt.
  3. He said that’s the call he would make in that situation.
  4. And during the intermission Keith Jones agrees that it’s a 5 minute major. What a joke he is.
  5. It was barely a two. He cross pushed him in the chest into Stasney then he fell awkwardly shoulder then face and that’s what hurt him. One of the worst calls I’ve seen in a long time. The sharks were pissed at Stasney not raven Eakin.
  6. If Vegas ends up losing this the NHL owes and apology to them and those officials need to be done for the rest of the playoffs either way. Just bc someone gets hurt doesn’t mean it a penalty let alone 5 and a game. The Sharks didn’t even really react. This is garbage.
  7. After watching that I don’t even know if that was a penalty. If it was it’s not by much. More of an unlucky play.
  8. So based of the way the playoffs have gone (assuming VGS holds on to this 2-0 lead) and Stl loses next round to Dallas gives us at worst 18. We could still end up with 17th pick if Columbus wins next round. I could easily see this happen.
  9. That’s not part of it. It’s a regular season award.
  10. So do I. I think he deserves it this year to boot.
  11. I had an issue with this thread I went to another tested came back to this one and it worked. Also use an iPhone
  12. as long as you don’t do this it’s a win.
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