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  1. For me Alaska. I was there for a training exercise when I was in the Navy so I got paid to spend the month of May their in 2017. It was just beautiful and I want to go back. I also got to spend a month in Key West for a training exercise which was nice. I recommend the Hemingway way house if you go there.
  2. Well this is good as long as we get the cap relief before the deadline so we can take a one year cap dump in a trade to get a better pick/prospect
  3. I did and then had my car searched
  4. Have you ever gone across the boarder saying you’re American. The Canadians get pissy about it.
  5. You do know that Canadians are also American.
  6. Both teams looked sloppy from what I could see and I barely noticed Asplund or Tage which was disappointing.
  7. Going to the Amercs game today in Providence and I’ll be in my Americans Jersey and hat.
  8. I am going to the Rochester vs P Bruins game in Providence on October 12th $22 a ticket with a pop, popcorn, and hat that I will not use through work at Electric Boat. I’ll be in my Amercs Jersey.
  9. bobs0108

    [OT] Tattoos

    Just got my Bills Tattoo today
  10. I had it in 2017 and it was $35. It can be found now but that’s a pretty standard price from what I have seen. The 12 YO was $40. I am happy I tried it but I think their is better for less than half the cost.
  11. It’s about $75 a bottle right now. I agree that’s it’s good but a tad overpriced.
  12. I bought a Jersey and hat of this off the bisons site yesterday. Hope they look good
  13. I guess that’s the prove it deal and make sure he is what we seen from his fast start.
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