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  1. Wild card choice would be a TV guy. That would be something they would do.
  2. Hughes in NJ? Wasteland for talent like him.
  3. This is why I do not trust the NHL....NYC area or Chicago gets the number one pick? Twice Colorado gets screwed.
  4. The defense in front of him is a big part of it.
  5. Respectfully disagree. He is a average goalie, a solid number 2.
  6. Finally this season of disappointment will end. Off season will be interesting. I expect PH to be canned and some players moving on. New Head Coach will influence who gets shown the door. Hope they bring in some veterans who have good work ethics and be able to provide on ice examples on how to play in the NHL to the younger guys.
  7. Happy for the win but elated that Pommer scored in possibly his last home game as a Sabre.
  8. He looks like a guy waiting on his wife to finish shopping. He wants to be any place but behind the bench.
  9. I thought you would find a humorous answer
  10. The dreaded last minute of the period.
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