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  1. Sabres PP will be good but they need to shoot more. Waiting for the perfect pass play is not working. Overall good hustle.
  2. Congrats to Kevyn Adams. This is an oddly timed event. The Sabres keep on doing things that make one wonder.
  3. Kim is running things into the ground. Not just one franchise will be affected. The premature end to the season was a blessing. I am not sure this team will recover. The Pegulas are becoming a joke. The only thing that is saving their collective reputation is the Bills.
  4. Bad hockey. This road trip is a culmination of this season.
  5. The franchise needs a purge. If the owners do not understand it then this team is doomed. Poor scouting leads to bad selections. There is no team identity. Novice GM who had Several great talents in Pittsburgh that made him look good. Botterill cannot trade his way out of this. He and Murray made some bad trades and the Farm system is lean. Focus on the drafting quality talent and sign a few short term free agents. Hire a coach that does not accept pathetic effort or a losing attitude, I am a fan since day one but this team is unwatchable and getting to be unlikable.
  6. The farm system is not going to produce much. This once was a strength of the franchise. Not anymore.
  7. They consistently show a lack of hockey smarts. This is over several seasons.
  8. I would rather see them keep their prospects. The history of trades in this past decade are good indication on why they are not a play off contender.
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