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  1. Happy birthday to the original and greatest Sabre of all time!
  2. I hated that trade at the time. The image of Schoeny crying on Rick Azar's shoulder I'll never forget, but Gare was just about spent, Schoeny was limited and Smith was a roll player. Foligno is an all time Sabre. McCourt remains a huge what could have been, but still had a couple productive seasons. Peterson fit into the Don Luce roll.
  3. One of my favorites ever. Not just because he was a Sabre. If not for Gretzky he would have been the mvp in the western conference for several years. Even when he was here, he had Patty L in front of him. What a duo that was.
  4. Apologies. How do you do spoiler tags?
  5. https://www.uniquepretzels.com/pretzel-splits.html
  6. I'm helping to keep Labatt and Jim Beam in business
  7. R U serious, non Sabres telecast? MSG has done a really poor job with these games
  8. Why not show the games in their entirety? No live sports right now, so what else do they need to broadcast?
  9. For sure. But he was a heck of a player.
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