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  1. Right on. I guess I misinterpreted it. I truly hope that is not the style of game he wants to play, otherwise it will be a long year. Let's go buffalo!
  2. I'll get it later. It was in his press conference after the first loss and what he has said since he started coaching here. Get the puck in deep behind the defenseman, blah blah.
  3. HCPH wants to play dump and chase hockey. He said it himself. We don't have the speed for that style game, nor the aggressive players that can win battles in the corners. I just don't understand how it is a good idea to have possession and then give it away so you can go try and battle for it in the corner. PH has no imagination, and doesn't know how to utilize players to their best abilities. That is why every line is playing dump and chase and you can plug any player on any line.
  4. Beaulieu is the worst hockey player I've ever seen.
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