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  1. Went to this concert 2 days before the shutdown. Since then I have plumbing the depths of The Allman Brothers Band catalog, especially live stuff, across all their eras. If interested, put on your head phones and enjoy 20+ minutes of 'Mountain Jam'. BTW Derek Trucks is playing Duane Allman's guitar that he used for most of the Allman Brothers tracks as well as on the studio version of Layla on this song.
  2. Sakman


    Descendants of criminals I tell you!!!
  3. Sakman


    Pangolin's travel pretty easily. They are highly sought after for a bunch of ridiculous reasons in Chinese culture. Not sure why pangolins are the discussion anyway. Could be bats, something else.
  4. Sakman


    It doesn't have to "counter" anything because there is nothing to counter. No actual evidence, as in tangible data linking this virus to any man made conspiracy. Rather, it's another data point indicating the most likely hypothesis of a virus jumping from one species to another, just like the epicenter of the infection starting around a market with wild animals for sale. Love your reference to pangolins though. They just look so tasty.
  5. Sakman


    Proximity to wildlife seems to be a common theme. Breathing in their feces (hantavirus in Mexico/US Southwest from rodents, Ebola from bat guano (maybe?), etc). or killing, preparing, and eating them is a good way open up the cross species transfer gateway. There are a whole lot of Chinese in the world and they eat more exotic stuff than just about anyone. I just included Ebola as it was highly contagious and spread across multiple countries. It kills people so thoroughly it burns out. Read Richard Preston's "The Hot Zone" for an absolutely harrowing account of when Ebola ended up in the US via lab monkeys in Reston, VA. That book came out in 1994.
  6. Sakman


    "Germans?". "Forget it, he's rolling."
  7. Sakman


    SARS originated in Guangdong province (not that near Wuhan but in China) in 2003. Other than that, what pandemics do you refer to? MERS came from the Middle East Swine Flu from the US Ebola from Africa A couple of flus came out of Asia in the 50's -60's, but in-between then and now HIV also came out of Africa. So it does all add up: this is all the work of an unholy alliance between The Pope, The Queen of England, and the original multinational tycoon, Colonel Sanders.
  8. Sakman


    Any of those folks end up in ICU? Any deaths? If you say "yes" then maybe something's there. If not, probably the flu. If anyone who got sick in January subsequently gets confirmed positive for COVID-19, it's of course even less likely that was it in January. Unless they got a mutated strain a second time, which appears to be under discussion in China (two stains of the virus with different impacts, but not confirmed yet).
  9. Sakman


    https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/16/opinions/south-korea-italy-coronavirus-survivability-sepkowitz/index.html Opinion piece on CNN, albeit the opinion of an infectious disease expert at Sloan Kettering...thinks the biggest driver of SK vs. Italy (for example) is demographics. Having spent plenty of time in SK and know some folks there quite well I'd say they do take leadership direction more seriously than other cultures may. They are also organized as sh*t there. Not quite Japan levels but more so than the US.
  10. Well...is this thread now "What concerts did you plan to attend but likely won't be attending as they are cancelled"? Two concerts March and April here in Corning are postponed or likely cancelled. Since January I've intentionally held off buying any other tickets in anticipation of such a large gathering ban occurring. My next major show is July 1st at CMAC, hoping very much things are clear by then and I can make my annual pilgrimage to see Tedeschi Trucks Band.
  11. I have the same feelings about Rush, ELP, The Who, CSNY (as pointed out, already a supergroup), The Beatles, and The Allman Brothers Band. Would I really substitute anyone else into one of those slots?
  12. I chose Palmer but could sub in Peart, Bonham, Moon, Baker...so many. Heck, could make a second team across the board as good as the first. (Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Entwhistle...)
  13. Yup. Saw him with ELP and Asia multiple times...he's still touring btw with a crew that plays the old ELP and some other prog rock sort of stuff.
  14. Good topic. Restricting myself to 60's through 1975 or so. Lead vocals: Ian Gillan Lead Guitar and background vocals: Eric Clapton Slide Guitar: Duane Allman Bass and Vocals: Paul McCartney Drums: Carl Palmer Keyboards: Booker T. Jones Producer: Tom Dowd
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