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  1. He’s on a pace for 10 goals this year. He’s a massive disappointment thus far. Its justifiable to be frustrated when he misses a grade A chance on the road vs Boston when Eichel is out. I guess it’s not unexpected.
  2. I feel so dumb. I actually expect Casey to bury some of those in the back of the net. Don’t know what I’m thinking!
  3. Flipping back and forth with the football game...horrible injury just occurred and they showed it in slow motion before the commercial...just awful.
  4. Mittlestadt has to at least get that shot on net. He’s lost confidence in his game. I still think he needed 1/2 season in Rochester.
  5. Pro-grade Analytics: “shots on goal” Whoa, better break out R to analyze that data.
  6. Just read this. Strong words indeed. Also incredibly unprofessional, short sighted, and immature. I'd be totally OK with Tyler Seguin slotted in as #2 behind Jack. Maybe they'd take Okposo back as part of a package. Since Seguin is ***** and all.
  7. Sure, I wasn't intending the comment to be critical. Might have come across that way. I understand it's part time. As a non-trivial level fund provider of the endeavor I just wish they had either made clear this was a 4+ year journey and/or figured out how to align resources to get it done in, I don't know, maybe two years? I still hope to be at the opening of it in Buffalo one day.
  8. I contributed to the kickstarter campaign for this documentary so I get updates from time to time. Apparently they are planning on going to some festivals soon and release in 2019. I'm a bit skeptical given how long they've been at it (funded in Nov 2015!) but I'd think it will eventually be completed.
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