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  1. Great! Another Pittsburgh reject to follow in the footsteps of Bylsma and Botteril, just to have someone help out the totally unqualified Buffalo Junior Sabres Kmart GM. You watch now,...promising guys like Borgen and Bryson, who finally made it up, will be shipped out so the "new guy" can put his stamp on the product. The ownership of this operation is toxic! It's tangible. You can feel it when you walk in the building. Fortune will not change until they sell, and are long gone. Til then, embrace the sucktitude!
  2. The poker face of Darcy Regier at trade deadline looks retrospectively desirable at a time like this.
  3. Some nostalgia:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia65ilitJDw
  4. NBC Sports REMOVES analyst Mike Milbury for making 'insensitive' joke that NHL players were lucky they had 'no women to disrupt their concentration' in the playing bubble
  5. With all their wealth, they( Pegulas) come from a position of weakness. The thing they are best at is firing people who don't work out. Conversely, the thing they are worst at is hiring the right people. These people throw money around as a means to seek approval. Exhibit: that grossly ostentatious, entitled feeling locker room. Or, it invites sycophants. The former or the latter, you get impulsive hires like LaFontaine and Craig Patrick( can anyone tell me what Craig Patrick actually did for this organization?), Rex Ryan(Bills), extending Doug Whaley(Bills) on the yacht, before firing him, R
  6. I think the organization should remove the espresso maker from the player's lounge, and really make a statement that failing to clean up your java bean spills will not be tolerated. Dammit, didn't they teach these guys during prospects camp!
  7. The officiating in that game, as well as the games in Sweden, was embarrassing and inexcusable. On another note, Terry and Kim: f**k you!
  8. Just my two cents...they need to gut that Ritz Carlton locker room. Everything about it says "entitlement".
  9. Losing is a disease. Ah, but curable. Now, I want you to imagine...
  10. ...and while we're at it, I'll take War Memorial, the Rockpile, and the the rinky dink AFL, and taking your personal safety into possible hazard when going to a game. There was nothing "corporate" about it,...official this, official that. It was organic, and it was love!
  11. Milt Ellis, Norm Wullen, and Tenor Joe Byron,...it doesn't get any better!
  12. Salt intake has been linked to stomach cancer? Show me the study, otherwise that's absurd. Besides, the salt you are referring to, industrial "table salt", has been heated to 500 degrees when processed for consumption.. Other than added iodine, it has no nutritional value. The human body needs salt(sea salt or pink Himalayan will do) for electrolytes, for proper nerve signaling. Not only that; in terms of pre-diabetes or insulin resistance, too low a salt intake is just as bad, if not worse than too much sugar. On average, you need about 1-1 1/2 teaspoons a day per gallon of water.
  13. The team appears better, and Ralph Krueger is a renaissance man in a city having its own renaissance. It's a long season; there will be losses, disappointment, and doubt at times, but it's a promising start. Bought in? Playoffs!
  14. Anyone remember what song organist Norm Wullen would play when the Bisons took to the ice before the start of each game, at least in the 1969-70 AHL season?
  15. If you watch the video of Ralph Krueger addressing prospects, check out the shoulders on Victor Olofsson and Jacob Bryson; they stand out! No wonder Olofsson has a "blink of the eye" release.
  16. Maybe he's priming the pump for a Ristolainen flip?
  17. I think you mean "talk the walk, but walk the talk." It seems like everyone gets that wrong.
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