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  1. I agree. Plus, we only lost by one goal (with 3 games going into OT) when getting swept by Montreal. I always think about if Muckler realized what he had in Hasek, he never would've traded away Andreychuk for Fuhr. It would've been the first time in NHL history all three members of a line (Andreychuk, LaFontaine, Mogilny) had 50 goals in a season. When I met Dale Hawerchuk at an autograph signing years ago, he told me of all the teams he played on, he felt the 1992-93 Sabres had the best chance to win the cup.
  2. Yes, they fixed it without charge. Not a lot of acceptance for the mistake since they blamed AdPro. When I told him I drove just under an hour to get here after you told me my jersey was ready, the guy at the counter listlessly said: "Yeah, sorry about that." I learned my lesson, I'm not going there again.
  3. I immediately noticed their mistake when I picked it up, so I didn't have to make an extra trip. The kid at the counter had to get the manager and fill out a new order form (why don't they type things up on the computer instead of relying on the handwriting of the cashiers when they fill out a card?) They told me they send the jerseys out to AdPro for customization, so it really wasn't THEIR fault. I don't know if this is true or just a way to pass the buck, but I stayed as cool as I could, speaking only in short, one-word replies. I'm just glad the jersey wasn't ruined as result of needing to have the nameplate changed. If they had messed up the numbers, it would have been damaged goods due to the adhesive they use before the sewing process. That would've been a worst case scenario since Icejerseys is sold out of the 50 anniversary editions. When I finally got it fixed I calmly told them that this whole process was "incredibly unpleasant" due to the false accusations of having bootleg merchandise, to the ineptitude of the store to properly follow instructions as well as acknowledge the correct spelling of a player in the team's hall of fame. I didn't demand a refund or store credit, I just told them they should take more pride in the work they do and that I wouldn't be returning to buy anything.
  4. The absolute state of the franchise. The same thing happened to me earlier this month. There was a thread back in November that authentic 50th anniversary jerseys were for sale on icejerseys.com so I bought one (with a 30% off coupon code) that finally came in the day after Christmas. I took it to the Sabres Store to get it customized because I thought they would do things properly. The young kid working was giving me attitude and had to check with his manager because he thought it was a Chinese bootleg (It should've been obvious it was real, the fake jerseys have yellow stripes, not gold). After it was confirmed to be authentic, the kid said to me: "We can't even get these anymore." I couldn't help but think, "Maybe Adidas doesn't like the way you're price gouging. Especially since I got the jersey for only $125.93." So a couple weeks go by and I get a call that my jersey was ready. I drove all the way from Newfane to the arena (90 minutes round trip), only to find this when I picked it up. Even though Hawerchuk is in the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Sabres Hall of Fame, and the order form had the proper spelling, they still found a way to screw it up. The ineptitude of the organization is astounding.
  5. This was easily, my favorite commercial too. I spent years searching for this one as well. To no avail. However, instead of shrimp, I'm pretty sure Hasek ended the commercial by saying to Zhitnik... Hasek: "Here have a cocktail weenie"
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